The silent auction of the library’s summer reading program ended today.  Because we were camping and all, we did not end up getting there until a little while ago, at about 4:15 pm.  Little did we know (seeing as nothing was written on the “library bucks” about this), the bidding ended at 4:00.  My mother (who was the reason we were late- we were supposed to go at around 3:30 but she was talking and such and held us back) bought me a chocolate bar and said she would get the movie for me that I had previously wanted (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and called it even, but I am still of course tremendously disappointed.  I did so much reading I thought my eyes would fall off, and all that to amount to this…

I ended up getting four movies to watch while I do some knitting (I did none while camping… there were other things to do) which I will do so after this post.  These included:

Wool 100%… I have no idea what this is but Subway Cinema calls it, “one of the strangest Japanese movies of the year.”

Rent… because I have never seen it.

Wordplay… because I have been wanting to see it.


Marie Antoinette… because I never finished seeing it when it was on television.


Mayhaps I will see you the day after tomorrow at school, providing you do indeed go to my school.


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One Response to “Upset.”

  1. Laura Says:

    Wordplay is a fantastic movie. You shall enjoy it immensely.

    I’ll see you in school on Monday!

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