I know, I know…

Three posts in one day?  That is absolutely ridiculous!  Still, I am super excited and needed to lost a bit of the excitement somehow so that I will actually be able to get to sleep… I figured typing it up and getting it out of my system would help.

Anyway, before I tell the reason for my excitement I will mention a few things.

A. I watched Marie Antoinette and it was fantastic.

B. I tried to watch Wool 100% but it was all scratched up or something.  The English subtitles did not match up with the scenes.  Plus, it seemed kind of creepy and it is dark out and I was in a room along.  So, yeah…

C. I began and have almost finished watching Wordplay.  LAURA, you are right.  It is marvelous!

D. I knit while doing the above and am 76% done with my Ravenclaw scarf!  Hurrah!

And now, for the excitement: sometimes, to get better publicity and more votes on their submissions, the wonderful members of Threadless hold contests for gift certificates and such.  Somebody held one for their magnificent submission of the ultimate ‘T’ shirt (http://www.threadless.com/submission/175595/the_T_shirt?streetteam=danrule – check it out and vote, by the way) and I did not win or even come in second but I came in third and the extremely generous danrule gave me a $25 Threadless gift certificate!!!  I am beyond happy about this… I never win anything, and to not only win something (or close to winning) but receive an amazing shirt in addition is beyond amazing.  I am so happy I could do my happy dance a trillion times over!

Thank you loads, Dan, though I doubt you are reading this… still, thanks soooo much!

…this just made my day, week, month, and more.


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