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MY HUNDREDTH STRAIGHT POST!: On Books, Scavenger Hunts, More Books, and Gourmet Jelly Beans Mixed With Peach Rings

June 19, 2008

Yeah, my day was marvelously excellent. I woke up at about 9 am (sorry, obligatory wake-up time reference) and then proceeded to do nothing very remarkable until around 10:30, when Emma and I made peanut butter play dough. The rest of my family members were either at work (Jake, who started today, and my dad, who started a long, long time ago) or visiting my great aunt Jennifer who is here for our cousin Joey’s eye operation (they were basically going to be sitting in a tiny hotel room in Frederick and talking, and that did not sound like much fun to me so I opted to stay home). Later, for lunch, we had couscous and they were delicious. Then came time for Wednesday Club and the adventures that took place during it, which will take up the vast majority of the rest of this post.

So. Wednesday Club. It began at 2 pm. Only Laura and I were there because apparently everybody else either did not know about it or was not able to come. Scratch that- Brittany was there for a little bit, but then she left.

After accumulating a ridiculous amount of books (about fifty, I think, between the two of us), we were trying to think of something to do other than just read. Though, that was nice as well- but I wanted to do something I could not do at home.

In the end, I thought of something- a scavenger hunt at the grocery store, which lies about thirty feet away from the library. Okay, maybe not thirty feet. Maybe a lot more, maybe a lot less- I am not a very good judge of distances.

Anyway, the point is that we went on a scavenger hunt at Giant. It was tremendously fun. The things on our list were things such as ‘somebody with a funny shirt,’ ‘something with more than thirty ingredients,’ and ‘onion rings.’ There were thirteen items in all. It was really, really fun.

Once we finished with the scavenger hunt, we came across a random package of ‘gourmet jelly beans.’ The jelly beans came in forty-one lovely flavors, including wow! chocolate, blue Hawaiian, and verry blue (yeah, with two r’s and all), so of course we had to get them. We also got a package of gummy peach rings, because they sounded as if they would go nicely with jelly beans. After buying them, we went back to the library and sat on the benches outside. We played ‘guess that flavor’ with the jelly beans and it was loads of fun, even if the jelly bean company totally conned us our of a bunch of flavors that were not included in the package, such as the elusive verry blue.

Basically, it was a lot of fun. Plus, I found tons of good books at the library, including a few that were on my Amazon book wishlist, which was neat.

Once I got home, after dinner was over (surprisingly, Laura, it was macaroni and cheese like we were talking about at Giant!), I decided to take pictures of some things, mainly my books. It actually took a really long time to do so, because it was nearly impossible to show the titles of each of the books in one shot. I ended up dividing them up into five groups of five (amazingly, I checked out exactly twenty-five books, which happens to be my lucky number; that was purely accidental) before photographing them.

So, now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the books I checked out at the libary! I included a complimentary picture of the typography poster I made that is hanging on my wall, just because I thought the picture looked neat.

Now, farewell!

EDIT: OH MY GOODNESS, this is my hundredth post!!!  HOORAY, HURRAH, HUZZAH!!!