A Brief Session

My day occurred as follows:
I went to the orthodontist where I changed the bands to these colors:

just like the colors of the Star Trek t-shirts! It was just as planned (although in real life the colors are more accurate to the original shirts, they look brighter here).

Next my mother picked up Rachel and Daniel and we went to the library for the first Wednesday Club of summer. We played cards for a little while and then watched some YouTube videos (The Yes Dance, various William Shatner songs, etc.). Next we walked around the library and played the In My Pants game until a bit after 5 pm when Daniel left. A few minutes later Rachel and I left (her mother brought me home).

Oh, also at the library, while we were watching YouTube videos, Daniel noticed that this boy was playing with Rachel’s and my Star Trek toys (Spock and Chekov). We’d left them on a table. Later the boy was watching the videos over our shoulders. It was strange.

Upon arriving home, I ate dinner and some ice cream and then watched part of Trouble with Tribbles with my younger brothers Abram and Bennett (or Abie and Benny, respectively). They seemed to like it, even if we only watched abut fifteen minutes before they went off to watch Jake play video games on the Playstation 2.

Now I am typing this up, and afterwards I don’t know what I’ll do. Perhaps I will watch some Star Trek or Doctor Who or maybe I’ll start on the originally intended Live Long and Prosper hat. Whatever it ends up being, I’m there.


Oh, and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, unfortunately.

That is all.

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