Dazed and Blazed: Drunk sets fire to own house

The title really has no significance whatsoever to today, although it does remind me a tad of the movie I saw today at Rachel’s house.

So, today I went to Wednesday Club, and Rachel and Kaitlyn were there, and we didn’t do much of anything although we DID act out scenes using the Star Trek action figures (but Kaitlyn pretty much refused to do so). Afterwards, Rachel’s mother drove her and Kaitlyn and I to Costco and we got pizza and churros, and then we drove to her house and ate the said foodstuffs. After that, we watched Donnie Darko as planned, and it was truly fantastic. I use those exact words for more or less every movie I see, but it still accurately describes it and other films so I will not refrain from repeatedly doing so.

Once Donnie Darko was over, we went for a walk to the creepy playground, went down the dark pathway, and then went to the back of the school and to the recess area. It brought back so many middle school memories, both good and bad, and it was strange because I started remembering all of this stuff I had completely forgotten about from seventh and eighth grade. It wasn’t exactly nostalgic but there was definitely something odd and slightly magical floating about the air.

I haven’t actually started knitting the socks yet but I think I’ll start tomorrow. I’m using a pattern that is Harry Potter inspired, which is always good.

My dad asked me a little while ago if I’d be interested in going to a Weezer concert if he can get tickets. One of the boss guys at his work gets all these free tickets to concerts and oftentimes offers them to my father. I think it’d be enjoyable to go to a Weezer concert but I’d feel like such an imposter since I don’t really even listen to their songs. I mean, I like them and all, but I’m not a true fan and so going to one of their concerts would be poser-ish.

Well, I have to baby-sit my little sister for many hours starting early tomorrow, so I best head to the sack a bit early.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that Rachel and Kaitlyn and I now have plans to make a horror movie. It’s going to be apocalyptic and involve the dark pathway mentioned above. That’s really all we have planned so far. We’re going to use Rachel’s dad’s old video camera, which is AWESOME.

EDIT AGAIN: I also forgot to mention that my Mental Floss magazine arrived today! It’s super great and had ads for things like DICTIONARIES and BOOK FESTIVALS and has articles about stuff like ordinary spices that are POISONOUS and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (love him!)

Just look at that facial hair WINNAGE:

And, of course, I’ve always been a fan of Thomas Paine:


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