“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” -Socrates

I went to bed earlier than I would have last night because I wanted to wake up earlier than usual today. Unfortunately, this verbose plan did not work. For some reason, I ended up waking up at 1:19. Pm, not am, meaning I woke up much later than usual instead. This meant that I did not do much today and am hoping I can think of something to write about that will fulfill my daily quota. Hmm…

There is this perfume I really want for my birthday or whatever. Normally, I hate perfumes, but this company is fittingly called I Hate Perfumes, so I will make an exception. All of the scents for sale sound lovely, but the one I really would like is titled “In the Library.” It is the scent of old books, a smell which I love. I am also still hung up on the orange sunglasses I wanted long ago. If only I could find a job and buy such lovely things.

Today I downloaded a free full version of Bejeweled, simply because I have nothing to do. It is not as fun and/or addicting as I have heard it is, unfortunately. I could use an addicting game to pass the time sometimes.

Today I also finished reading The Nazi Officer’s Wife. It became sad, as all Holocaust stories are, but it was not tremendously sad as I had anticipated. It is a sort of good-for-them-they-survived sort of sadness. Like, sad for all that happened to them but also appreciative of the fact that the things did not happen to you.

I am trying to work on learning to type correctly. I can type rather fast as it is, but I do not type correctly with my fingers on all of the correct keys. I tend to use my ring fingers to type all of the letters other than the space bar which is given to my right thumb and the side keys which are given to my pinky fingers. It does not look very professional, though, and I like to look professional even if there is not a logical reason to be so. So, in the end, I am trying out Mavis Beacon. It is not working very well so far, as I like playing the games much more than the actual typing lessons. Plus, I just end up typing my usual way in the end. I guess it does not really matter what way I type as long as I do.

Anybody have any interesting websites I could pass the time looking at? I often end up looking at ffffound.com and doing random flickr searches, but any other ideas? I like to look at random pictures.

Hey, maybe I will make something. I will have to think about what to make, though…

Oh gee, I wish I could find some film somewhere for my polaroid camera. I think they have stopped producing it, though, so it is super expensive on ebay and such. I wonder if it is the same with izone camera film…

I just remembered something Laura told us about yesterday- ordering books per foot from Wonderbooks. We were contemplating buying a foot of books and seeing what we ended up with. I just checked on their website and a foot of books (when buying under sixteen feet of books) costs $11.99. Apparently, one foot of books is about 10-12 books. What an excellent deal- that is only about a dollar a book! I wonder what books we would end up with- I will have to try this sometime, once I get some money… ugh, again with the need for a job. I could do so many things if I only had some money… that sounds really materialistic, but it really is true. Most things cost money, and if I had some then I would be able to get books… and book-scented perfume… and orange sunglasses.

Another thing I remember we were talking about yesterday- a road trip. Laura said she would like to, and I have been wanting to for a while as well, go on a road trip. It would not really matter to me where we went, but anywhere wold be nice to go. Just imagine how fun and how many memories would be made from a road trip… and to get away from anybody and anyplace you know for a while, it would be so wonderful…

Oh, and I would like a set of encyclopedias… blegh, I sound terribly materialistic once again…

I am now going to go and make something. I will mention what it is tomorrow if it is interesting and works out nicely. Maybe I will even post pictures if I like what I make.


P.S. I am nearing my hundredth post! Only four more to go.

P.P.S. A storm has partly happened and I think there may be more to come.


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2 Responses to ““I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” -Socrates”

  1. Wallie Says:

    HEHE Hope I see your still in love with storms and anything that has to do with horrible weather. Anyway just wanted to say HI and miss everything about school (especially are secert hand shake). BYE

    P.S. I’m doing are hand shake with the air just so you know.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Yes, I still am. I miss school so much already as well. Upon your suggestion, I too just did our secret handshake with the air. It brought about an even stronger sense of schoolsickness.

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