If I included a title it would sum up this entire post

I almost made a normal title, but it would have revealed too much of this post so I erased it and made the current one.

So, today… uh, it was pretty great. I got my AP Euro essay back today (from the last test) and, surprise, surprise, I got a ninety percent!!! This fantastic grade (especially compared to nearly every other test being a failing grade… literally) not only brightened my day but also brought my overall grade up 3%, from a 79 to an 82! This is marvelous. I hope to keep it at that the whole semester or bring it up. A B is a grade I would be happy with.

Oh, at the library today (Wednesday Club), I was looking through the used books/magazines/CDs sale, (which is always there, but I have not really ever looked through it before) and I found some truly fantastic finds! I bought three hardback books, each priced at a mere dollar, including Totally Useless Information, Great Mystery Stories, and Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I love these books and was quite pleased to find them. Also, I bought a paperback copy of Slapstick, by Kurt Vonnegut for a measly fifty cents and 2 Disc Best of Beethoven CDs for only $2! Hooray for used books/CDs!

Once I am done with this I will highlight the next chapter (19) in my AP Euro book. Then I will outline it, if I still have time left over before it gets too late. Also, if I have a chance, I will make the butterscotch cookies I did not get to make yesterday (providing that I find eggs in the chicken coop- otherwise, they will have to wait until tomorrow- hooray, no school tomorrow!).

That is all I have to say. Except, I have a lot of stuff on my plate but I am luckily not feeling as stressed out as a couple of days ago.

Farewell, my friends.

EDIT: I meant to mention that Laura received her prize, two bags of candy, from the grocery store. I believe they were Three Musketeers and Butterfingers, if that means anything to you.


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