“Hope missed the PSAT. She forgot about the full day and went out to the bus way too late, and neither of the cars are here so there is nobody to drive her to school.”

So that was the whole beginning of my day.  I missed the PSAT.  That ended up working out alright, because I was able to knit the main part of the hat.  I mentioned the hat, right?  Good.

At Wednesday Club (my mother drove me there once Jake brought the car home after his class) I finished it mostly.

PAPER TOWNS COMES OUT TOMORROW!  I am tremendously, tremendously excited.  I am not going to any of the release parties, just my own happy little party once it comes from UPS, but it will be a grand one-person party.

Oh, I checked out six seemingly-awesome books from the library.  They are all non-fiction, but that is okay with me.  I will have enough fiction on my hands with Paper Towns, reading and re-reading and re-reading it…

So, I, uh, have nothing else to say…

Except, I just noticed the poll feature.  Is that new or am I just terribly oblivious?  Either way, I am now posting a poll.

With that I leave you.  (Exciting, eh?)


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