The Clubhouse

At Wednesday Club today, we were able to use a meeting room as our own official little place.  It was lovely- there was a great rectangular table with chairs around it, a wheely podium, a portable coat rack, a sink, another smaller table, and all around enough room for everybody (and there were maybe ten people there today, so that was good).  There was also a heavy blue trashcan that reminded me of a robot.  The room reminded me of a secret clubhouse, and I love the idea of a secret clubhouse and have ALWAYS wanted one, so having one, even for only an hour or two, was an amazing feeling.  I’m sure I annoyed everybody by saying, “I love this” so many times.  Overall, it was perfect.  The only thing wrong about it is that there were double glass doors and another glass door as well, making it not at all soundproof and therefore making us cause quite a bit of ruckus.  Library Workers (what are they called, anyway?) came in a few times to tell us to quiet down, stay away from the blinds, stop wrestling (yeah, I don’t know what that whole fiasco was about), and basically STOP ACTING LIKE TEENAGERS.  Lydia came later on so Daniel could observe her for a Psychology project, which was interesting.

I am still far behind for NaNoWriMo.  I hope I win again this year but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it in time.  MAYBE, just maybe, if I write a lot really fast this weekend and whatever other weekends there are left in November, if any, then I will catch up.  If I don’t, I’ll try not to feel too disappointed but disappointment will inevitably come, I can only hope it goes away quickly.  I received the highest score I have ever gotten on an AP Euro multiple choice portion: 64%!  Originally it was 60%, but as always there were questions that were wrong on the answer key and, once those are fixed, I will have a 63.8…% score, rounded up to 64%.  I never thought I would say this, pre-AP Euro, but I am so happy that I got such high/low marks.  It’s a long shot, but maybe I’ll get an A overall this term.  Last term I received an 84% overall.

I leave you with another funny picture, compliments of

Lovely, isn’t it?  So, so clever…


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