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Falling Further Behind

November 22, 2008

For simplicity’s sake I am going to divide this into parts.

Part One: NaNoWriMo

I was finally almost catching up but now I am worse than ever- about 8.5k behind. I am hoping I don’t slack in the final days, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend, or else I will definitely not finish.

Part Two: Party

The party was fun, really fun. We watched Labyrinth and Stardust and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we also played freeze and justify for a billion years. Amazingly, nothing extremely bad happened, unless you everybody getting angry at Rachel and I for being scared of the locked storage room, thinking we were joking, but that only lasted a few minutes and other than that it was good. The present I knit Kaitlyn was a flying spaghetti monster scarf, which I finished just in time thanks to a bit of help from mi madre. She absolutely loved it. Pictures will hopefully be up shortly.

Part Three: Today and Tomorrow

I only slept about three or four hours altogether, maximum, at the sleepover, but for some reason I am not tired right now. In about half an hour, I am going to run some errands with my father (using coupons from the coupon binder that I created and organized–it’s pretty spiffy).

Tomorrow I will hopefully be writing, but I bet I’ll keep procrastinating and only end up with maybe 300 more words.

Part Four: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be great this year. I am making two desserts, rainbow jell-o and pecan pie, which I love despite having had it only twice in my entire life.

Part Five: Baby

My excitement has not waned–as of yesterday, only two weeks until the due date. I AM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!

Well, I really have nothing else to say despite having not said anything in awhile.  Bye now.

A dress, shoes, a party, Paper Towns, the police, and being busy

October 17, 2008

Apparently, there are four regular readers, though one of them is me.

Then again, that is not at all what I need to talk about.

The reason I did not post yesterday is because of many reasons, but mainly because I was at a sleepover birthday party for a friend of mine, Rachel.

The other reason is because PAPER TOWNS CAME IN THE MAIL and I could not stop reading it for the life of me. I ended up finishing it on the way to the party, meaning I only took a couple of hours. Three or four, maybe. It is absolutely amazing and lives up to and above its tremendously high expectations. I will give it a more proper, thorough read once my schedule opens up (wow, can you believe it, I am actually busy?).

Okay, so, the party- it was amazing except for one major thing. I am going to try and explain it the best I can so that it makes sense and I still have time to write of other things.

So, my somewhat friend K (not her actual name) was I’Ming her friends on Rachel’s computer upstairs for the whole party. We kept trying to get her to join in the games (Bingo [I won two amazing vintage tins![, Clue, and Improv among many others) but she did not seem to want to. Sometime around 2 in the morning, while we were still awake, K came downstairs and told us that she was going on a walk. We told her that is was crazy, being the middle of the night/morning and all, and E got angry and went upstairs. A few minutes later E came back downstairs and we figured K was back on the computer. It turns out, though, that she decided to go on a walk alone. E volunteered to go along with her, assuming she meant down the street and back, but K said she was stressed and wanted to go alone. For some reason (it does not matter now), E did not tell us this. About an hour later, we went upstairs to check on K and she was not there. After searching the house, we woke Rachel’s mother up to drive through the neighborhood and find K to bring her back to Rachel’s house. E and Kaitlyn stayed at the house with Lizzy’s cellphone in case K came back there while we were looking for her. Meanwhile, Rachel, her mother, me, and Lizzy drove for over an hour looking for her, becoming more and more worried with every passing minute. We drove to her ‘boyfriend’s’ house, seeing if she went there. The lights were on in the house and we rang the doorbell, knocked, etc, but nobody answered. Worried and frightened of what may have happened to K, we drove back to the house. During the search, E and Kaitlyn were communicating with us via cellphone about K’s history of the internet (what she had been doing, who she had been talking to, etc. while on the computer) in case anything helped us.

Once we got back to the house, Rachel’s mother searched the backyard again while Rachel called the police. Trembling, nearly crying (as many others did that night/morning), she told the police the story of how she had gone missing, a description of her, and other things. About five minutes later (though it seemed like hours), two squad cars arrived at Rachel’s house. We repeated the information and showed them pictures of K. We also called every friend of K’s whose phone number we had in case they knew where she was or anything.

Trying to take our mind off of things, we all went downstairs and played a nervous Apples to Apples game while the police searched for K. Some time after (I have no idea how long- it could have been a minute or an hour), Rachel’s mother called us from downstairs. K was back. She had been at a lake with her boyfriend the whole time. My goodness, all of that worry and stress and time and sleep lost unnecessarily all because K wanted to see her boyfriend, so she snuck out of the house to do so. The worst part is that she did not seem to feel any remorse. No, “I am so sorry, I had no idea you all would worry about me so much.” No nothing. She seemed the most worried about getting in trouble with her father (who we called earlier, by the way, though he did not answer the phone even after many tries).

K slept upstairs and we slept downstairs (not much sleep, though- it was hard to what with all of the tension). In the morning it was almost like everything was back to normal, except it was not.

Off topic because I have nothing more to say about the previous topic: Rachel really liked the present I gave her. I knitted her a brainmonster hat. Here is a picture of it on my head:

Oh, and after the party I went homecoming shopping. I bought a fantastic dress. It is plain black and somewhat sparkly. My mother says it has an empire waist, so I guess that would help in its description. I also got satiny red flats with tiny black bows to go with it. Here is what they look like:

Payless had a sale of buy one pair, get another 1/2 off, so my mother said I could pick another pair. I chose these shoes:

Sorry the pictures are so big (unless wordpress resized them, that is, then I do not apologize because they are therefore not big).

Oh, and tonight is the homecoming football game. I will be there.

Bye now.

I am so tired. I am risking my sleep habits being forever changed by just writing this post.

September 20, 2008

Okay, not really, but I am extremely tired.  I went to Eleanor’s sleepover and ended up getting no sleep whatsoever.  Not even a minute or two.  I stayed up all night.  It was crazy fun, but I am soooo tired and am going to bed.

More to come later, when I am awake.

By the way, the present I gave Eleanor was this Black Knight plushie:

with removable arms and legs, just like the one in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  It is great.

Good night, er, good morning.  Bye.

The Great Gatsby Came Hither!

May 25, 2008

The sleepover of yesterday to this morning was epic. Alexandra (obviously), Kaitlyn, Rachel, Sarah (not my friend Sarah from school- Alexandra’s neighbor; she was not able to spend the night, though), and I were at the party, and it was fantastic. We played Candy Land and watched Stardust, a movie Kaitlyn brought. Quite frankly, I find it extremely hard to believe that I had not heard of it before then. Stardust is a bit like… well, I cannot really describe it to anything- I guess the closest would be The Princess Bride. Anyway, Stardust is now one of my favorite movies of all time. It is just so… I cannot think of any way to describe it, once again. My friends’ and my favorite character was Septimus, played by British actor Mark Strong. The character looked quite a bit like Alan Rickman does playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, and he was on a horse at one point. For this reason, Rachel and Kaitlyn had previously named him Snape on a Horse. And oh, Snape on a Horse, how wonderful you are.

At Alexandra’s house, there is a projector rather than a television screen. It is humongous, and Alexandra’s older sister Jessica hooked it up to her laptop. Then she played slide shows of various magna fanfiction, to which we made shadow puppets and promptly poked them as well as other things such as give them glasses and censoring any ‘inappropriate’ parts of the pictures.

The other epic part of the sleepover would have to be, without a doubt, pulling an all-nighter. Alexandra actually fell asleep around one in the morning, but Kaitlyn, Rachel, and I stayed up all night. We defined an all-nighter as staying up until the time you woke up the day before. In our case, it was around 5:45 am. Actually, Kaitlyn fell asleep around an hour before this time, but she made it up by waking up and staying up for an hour extra before crashing. In the end, we each actually had about five hours of sleep. Not bad for a sleepover.

In order to stay up for so long without becoming bored, we played over four straight hours of Truth or Truth, which is Truth or Dare edited in order to not have to get up and do something- Alexandra’s house is extremely creepy, especially at night, what with the many small doors to the attic, dark closets, and glass dolls. We also watched part of (I say part of because I fell asleep- this was after the all-nigher) some exploitation documentary (or whatever Alexandra’s father referred to it as) that was made back when marijuana started being used as a drug. It was crazy ridiculous- it kept calling it ‘the dread marijuana’ and ‘the scourge drug’ and stuff. It sounded so out-of-whack that it was actually pretty funny. We spoke of many, many things during that party.

Oh yeah, during the daytime/nighttime we also played Mario Party I and Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo 64. It was very fun.

So yes, that was it. It was absolutely amazing. Alexandra’s father brought me home in the end, because my parents were “going out to lunch” (to be explained in a bit) and were therefore not available to bring me home.

They say that bad things come in threes. Is this the same for good things? I sure hope so, because my life lately has been two big bundles of good luck. It seems that carrying seven lucky pennies around for a day really paid off.

First good thing- you all already know about this one: Archie! She is becoming even sweeter than before, regardless of the fact that I was nearly positive that was impossible.

Second good thing- (I could scarcely write this, knowing what cuteness lies in the room next door) WE GOT OUR PUPPY TODAY! I got home from my sleepover and found that my parents had left at 7:30 am, supposedly to go out to lunch. But, really who in the world goes out to lunch at 7:30 in the morning? A rather obvious cover-up, if you ask me.

They ended up being gone for quite a while. A few minutes before getting home, my mother called Clara’s cellphone and said she needed help carrying things inside and that we should all meet her outside. Right after hearing this, I knew what was going on. They had not gone out to lunch- they had gone to Pennsylvania to pick up our puppy!!!

He is absolutely adorable- he is really roly-poly and has these fantastic-looking eyes and this super soft fur and… my goodness, I am going to post a picture below. Oh yeah, and his name was voted upon (thank goodness the first name I wanted won- I do not think I would ever get over having a dog with a cliche first name)- it is Great Gatsby Moose, Gatsby for short.

Here he is sleeping with Archie on his head (for double the cuteness!):

And a better picture of just him:

My, oh my, he is cute.

The auction for the Dr. Martens I want ends tomorrow. The price was already extremely good, yet nobody bid on them and now the price has lowered! I am just hoping my mother stops procrastinating and comes over and types in her credit card number so I can buy the awesome boots- she keeps most of my money in a bank account and I do not have a credit card or anything to buy things online.

Gosh, I love having plans on Fridays- it makes the weekend last much longer.

I took a shower after the sleepover and decided to leave my bangs down after it, despite the fact that they are down to the tip of my nose now. I sort of swooped them off to the side so I can actually see without them hanging in my eyes, and it actually is not that annoying.

I feel so lucky right now, so tremendously lucky. I have said that a billion times, and I have said that I have said it a billion times, but I love life so much.

Alright, I simply cannot stand it- I am going to play with Gatsby. Farewell!

There are seven lucky pennies in my pocket.

May 23, 2008

It is Lucky Penny Day and, to celebrate it, I carried around pennies for good luck and handed out bunches of them to my friends. There were tons of people absent today, I guess because of the combination of Prom Night and the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. Once I had handed out lots of lucky pennies, I found that there were exactly seven in my pocket. How lucky is that?

At lunch today, it was “Free Warm Cookie With Lunch Day.” Amazingly, the cookies were actually warm. That was a first.

Also during lunch, near the end, this woman (or maybe just older student) was going around to tables handing out pieces of saltwater taffy. I was thinking, “Hey, that is pretty nice of her,” and I ate one, as the remainder of the people at my table did (other than Zach). It was only after I began chewing it that I realized what I was taught as a kid- never take candy from strangers. It could have been poisoned or something. It was then that I thought that I may die. I actually became extremely paranoid.

Today in English I made up a BCR I missed on Wednesday as well as received the new vocabulary list. The BCR was rather simple, but I was shaking the whole time because of the paranoia about the “poisoned” taffy. I started feeling woozy, but I am pretty positive that I was merely subconsciously conjuring up a sickness in my mind, because I felt fine once I forgot about the taffy fiasco. I suspect that I only lived because of the seven lucky pennies in my pocket, most of which were from my birth year, which is triple the luck. We also watched part of the movie “Matewan” during that class as well, seeing as there were so many people absent, as I mentioned. It was okay, I think, though I just did my vocabulary sheet for most of the time.

Wow, my sister (Clara) really needs to improve her judgment. My mother is picking her up from a friend’s house right now, where she went knowing there would be no supervision. She was caught because she left her cellphone at home and the friend’s slightly older sister called it to see whether she was locked out of the house. Too bad for Clara, because she is now in major trouble. Perhaps that is the reason she got in trouble about a month ago- she refused to tell me why, but she lost a few privileges for a whole month.

Archie is even cuter than she was when I last saw her this morning. She is also calming down- yesterday she did not want to be held very much, or at least peeped a lot when I held her, but I held her just now and she fell right asleep in my hands. Adorable!

As I said, the holiday is Lucky Penny Day. The number of the day is eighteen, and the word of the day is nonce (a noun defined as ‘the present occasion’). Wallie actually remembered to find a color, and it is a lovely shade of yellow called ‘saffron.’

Oh yeah, guess what? Stumped? I actually have plans for this weekend! I never have anything planned, but my friend Alexandra invited me to a sleepover party at her house tonight. Because I rarely go anywhere, my parents are letting me go! How exciting- I have not been to a sleepover in quite a while.

Only a few more weeks of school left. A few more weeks of freshman year. That is crazy ridiculous. I still find it incredulous (hooray, I used one of my new vocabulary words!) that the year has gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were nervous eighth graders starting out at a new school. That means it is almost another year closer until college- when friendships are tested to the ultimate limits, unfortunately.

Wowie kazowie, how awesome is this webcam?

I have been wanting a webcam for quite some time, and this retro-looking one is awesome! At thirty-five dollars, it is not too expensive, either.

Anyway, I am going to play with Archie now before I go to the sleepover!