My mind is JDSFGHNWRELUJKUFERSIUGJFDing, but I am happy.

I managed to finish both of the AP Euro outlines today (maybe because I spent the entire morning in them?  just a thought…) and also I am maybe a third done with the Crucible essay rough draft for English.  I wrote nothing for NaNoWriMo today, but it’s all good (did I mention that I have kinda sorta stopped not using contractions?  I think it started because my NaNoWriMo main character sounded really fake without them, and, hey, am I finally embracing change (even if it is a very small change)?

Hmm, other than those boring notes… uh, I got a package of gummy body parts.  I love them.  I also bought a package of colorful buttons in primary colors and some bead elastic.  I am going to make a bracelet using some of my bead stash once I finish with this post.

Oh, and


Well, cheerio, my poppets.

(did I seriously just say that?)

Yeah, I just said that.

Bye now.


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