This is so exciting. I won’t be in school tomorrow, in case anybody was wondering.

Wallie, if you’re reading this- tomorrow’s word, holiday, historical event:

Bathtub Party Day

Repeal Day (date that it was officially legal to drink alchohol once more.

The 21st Amendment repeals Prohibition. (1933)

Word: Forsaken – to leave altogether; abandon

Bonus word since I won’t be there: Fisticuffs – a fistfight (how great of a word is that?  it’s a delight to say)

Love you all.

P.S. Eraserhead was amazing. Rachel, you were right.

P.P.S. Ashley or Courtney, if you’re reading this- call me so we can work out the project thing.


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2 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. wallie Says:

    Hello Hope congrats on your sibling, treat him or her well! And what a very violent extra word of the day fits rachel out perfectly because she was very violent at lunch today she hit my hand and air punched me in the face so make sure to tell her a thing or two. Ok im going now see you monday bye!

  2. supposedly Says:

    Wallie, Wallie, Wallie, oh, how you make me laugh.

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