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Somebody told me to blog about this*

September 17, 2008

This morning somebody was standing directly in the line of the sunlight coming through the cafeteria windows.  Somebody saw this, and announced that that somebody’s pupils were completely red.

“What if she is evil?” he asked.

Chaos commenced, and then this second somebody’s eyes looked completely red for a moment and this same somebody decided that he must have superpowers.  He told me to blog about it.  The end.

Today was Club Day, and I got into all of my clubs- the meetings were all absolutely marvelous.

First, Knitting and Crocheting Club, which was great because we are going to do some kind of charity project and our own personal projects as well, of course.  Kayla, Rachel, and Ethan are in it, which is great.

Next was Model UN, which was destined to be awesome and did not disappoint.  I am in that with loads of people, so I will not even bother naming them all.

Third block was Scrabble, with Lizzy, Kayla, Celesthe, and Ashley.  This was great as well.  Pretty self-explanatory- we played Scrabble.  I came in second.

Fourth and last was Improv Club.  It was fantastic.  Over a hundred people signed up for it, so we divided into groups to do various individual Improv games.  In my group was Rachel and Lizzy.  Fantastic.  A particular highlight was when somebody who had never read the Twilight series had to pretend to be Edward.  Then somebody had to guess who he was being.  They guessed Cinderella.  EPIC.

I was disappointed about missing Wednesday Club but was off to the eye doctor to get an updated eye exam and choose out glasses.  I am extremely particular about choosing things and did not find anything I liked, so I am going somewhere else to look and the eye doctor will be bringing in some different lenses from another place to check out another day.

Luckily, though, tomorrow will be Wednesday Thursday Club.  So far only Daniel and I are going, but I am hoping that it will be like another time and other people who had not responded will be there.

I really must go, as I have spent the entire afternoon on the computer doing homework and I am ready for some non-technological time today.  Oh, technology, hatred and love coincide in one gallimaufry** of emotions.

Farewell, my minions!  Be it lack of time or pure boredom, I am gone.

*I must confess, it was Wallie.

**Word of the day alert!  Gallimaufry- a hodgepodge or jumble– I seem to like those kinds of words