I think something exciting is going to happen (and no thanks, I do not care to elaborate)

I finished highlighting the two chapters for this week for AP Euro (boo the two-chapter weeks) in record time.  Now there is just the outlining to go.

I think I will be knitting a cowl out of this yarn:

I was going to use the yarn for leg warmers (oh, and there is orange in the middle but you cannot see it in the picture) but since I made those stripey ones awhile back I decided against it.

I took the picture, by the way.  See how excellent my mother’s camera (now with a broken lens) is/was?

I was thinking about starting it tonight but I think I may just start it at Knitting and Crocheting Club tomorrow.  Speaking of which, hooray, Club Day is tomorrow!!!

(Wallie: I have never seen you so pumped about something.)

I keep stopping writing this to look around at ffffound.com, so sorry if this post is mixed up.

I think I will be choosing Switzerland for my country for Model UN.  I have always had sort of a thing for Switzerland.

And Danya, if you are reading this- if you had already decided on this, then never mind.  I think I heard you thinking about it, and if you did want this country then I will choose somewhere else.


Sorry, just kidding…uh…

Today at lunch Lizzy gave me an M&M.  Eleanor instructed me to eat it while thinking of peanut butter, and it worked.  It tasted just like a Reese’s Piece(s?).  It was crazy.

Ooh, hooray, NaNoWriMo has nearly arrived!

Well, farewell now.  Best wishes!

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