Sorry to anybody who ever thought I hated them.

I do not hate anybody.  Very rarely do I even say I hate things.  Hatred is too strong a word, I think.  Even people I do not like, really it is not that I do not like them, it is that I do not like something specific about them.  So, anyway, sorry.

To all others: this is regarding an instance that recently happened.  I am shy, terribly, horribly shy, and somebody thought I hated them because I did not speak to them or acknowledge them.  I really do have horrible social skills, and I apologize for that.  This is not the first time it has happened, this misconception about me being rude when it is actually just my awkwardness showing through.

So, on to other news… today was a Model UN meeting.  It kind of sort of brushed away most of the nervous-making things about it.  I do not think I want to quit anymore, which counts for something, I suppose.  I need to decide on a country.  That should be fun.

I am trying to think of something else to talk about but with no luck.  I guess I will leave it at that, a boring post for the umpteenth time.

Farewell, buddies.


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