That’s why they call it a reHEARSEal!

I don’t even know where the title came from. If rehearsal today had been really terrible, maybe it would fit, but it wasn’t terrible at all do it doesn’t apply. The whole time was spent organizing the horrifically messy scenery room, and when we finished after over two hours of working, it was a marvelous feeling. The stage crew managers, Brittany and Sara, were skipping around, they were so happy. From what I’ve heard, the room hasn’t been so clean since… as long as anybody can remember. When we brought the drama department teacher, Ms. Lennon, in, she was THRILLED. She hugged us all. I felt so proud and delighted!

After Stage Crew, my father, Emma, and I went to Target and Home Depot, though I stayed in the car because I had homework to do. When I had finished my homework and we were in the parking lot at Target, I realized I had to go to the bathroom, so I went inside. Then, I couldn’t find my father and Emma, so I went rambling around the store, and then I found a package of Tim Tams, which claimed to be Australia’s favorite cookie, so I bought them. They’re pretty good.

When I got home from that whole deal, I was met with ten new college letters. How do they find me? I know the answer to that: College Board. It’s nice to get mail, even if it is just mostly boring college stuff. Also, the final Augusten Burroughs memoir I bought, also the first one I ever read, Running With Scissors, came in the mail.  ALSO, the new issue of Mental Floss came in the mail.  Exciting!  I’ve gotten mail all this week!

The only bad part of the day was when I found that my sister Emma stayed home from school today, and she used my laptop.  Not only did she use my laptop (which ordinarily wouldn’t  be that big of a deal), but she somehow got a HUGE scratch on it!  That’s permanent, buster!  Are you cruising for a bruising?  I wanted to ask her that, but this is a SERIOUS MATTER which calls for a SERIOUS RESPONSE.  “I’m really disappointed in you, Emma,” I told her.  Actually, I didn’t say anything.  I just told her I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t take better care of something I worked so hard to earn the money to buy.  I can’t believe she wasn’t more careful with it!


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