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And then there were seventy-three billion.

May 14, 2009

I expected this afternoon to be relaxing and a marvelous break from the absolute haywire and business of the week thus far. I should have known better than to expect such a thing, as it turned out rather the opposite. Nevertheless, I did have a chance, after much interruptions, to watch Sybil, a movie from the seventies about a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder, caused by her horrible childhood. I don’t know what to say about other than that it made me very angry at certaint types of people and profoundly sympathetic towards others. I suppose that is what that sort of movie does to everybody. And what do you know, it’s based on a true story (though there has been some controversy surrounding the truth behind it).

Tomorrow, rain or shine, will be my birthday party. “It shall be fun,” she said, and it was so.

I also finished watching The Stepford Wives today. That, too, was as good and possibly better than I had even hoped it would be, although it did sort of ruin it for me that I’d seen the ending portrayed on a variety of “best movie moments” televisions shows beforehand, so I knew what would happen.

Today in Guitar class we had a substitute. Sarah and I played cards more or less the whole time, and then near the end a girl named Emily joined in and then even closer to the end of class a boy named Westley joined in as well. Though these card games were very fun indeed, this is not the point I am getting to. The point I am getting to is afterwards, after class, when Sarah and I walked out of the classroom and Westley followed close behind. Here is the conversation that went on between Westley and I which left me not angry but instead confused. It strongly reminded me of a similar experience (though much more hurtful in her case) that happened to Rachel recently.

Anyway, I shall be called H and Westley shall be called W. Please ignore my awkward, brief answers. My social skills have much to learn.

W: You like to knit, right?

H: Yes.

W: I’ve been wanting to learn to knit. I can sew. I sewed a tote bag the other day, out of fabric.

H: That’s neat.

(this is when Sarah chimed in that I knit really awesome things, and even knitted a bag out of plastic bags.)

H: I’ll bring in one of the bags tomorrow.

W: Okay. (long pause, and then everything comes out in a rush) People say you’re weird, like, you know, when you wore that crossword shirt and everybody was looking at it, but I think you’re cool.

H: (silence)

This was coming from the boy who mentioned at least half a dozen times in ten minutes that he was going to have Ledo’s pizza for dinner and oh how he loves Ledo’s pizza and blah blah blah.

I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be sympathetic towards me, trying to make me feel better for something I had no cares towards, or if he was trying to hurt my feelings but then changed his mind, or what, but it was so strange… I mean, I’ve never really expected that people think I’m “normal,” but it’s still odd to hear my non-average-ness blurted out there in the open. I almost feel like thanking him, for being truthful, and also for telling me a little bit about what others think of me when I’ve always kind of wondered what people say about me behind my back. It was also strange, though, because I’ve never said more than two words to the boy. He’s the freshman that always eats and drinks and falls asleep in class, prompting yells and scoldings from the teacher. He always seems so round and jolly and chipper that I really don’t know what to think.

Anyway, he’s not a bit like the Westley from The Princess Bride, which I finished re-reading today.

And on that rebellious note, I leave you. I may or may not post tomorrow, depending on what time permits me what with the party and all.

So goodbye for an indeterminable amount of time.

Well, whatever. I don’t know…