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The Child Of A Square And A Circle, Among Other Things

May 30, 2008

I am typing up this post much earlier than usual because of Laura’s party! I will most likely be tired after it and wish to read and then go right to bed, plus the majority of the sentences would probably not make much sense being written after six hour long party. If I do not end up being tired, I may choose to add some more to this post about the party.

Today was a nice day. Okay, so I say that nearly every day, and I say that I say it nearly every day nearly every day, but still…

We took an hour-and-a-half long math quiz in Algebra II today. I finished earlier than everybody else and I think I got a B on it. It was on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational expressions and simplifying complex fractions.

In Gym we played softball once again- it was scalding outside but while in the dugout I played Guess That Animal many times with Sarah (not the Sarah I have spoken of before- a different one. There are many Sarahs at our school, as well as Rachels… there are three Rachels sitting at my lunch table), which was quite fun. Celesthe refused to play it. We also played a few games of Guess That Human- I suppose I just like guessing games.

I began rereading The Girl With A Pearl Earring I think last night. I read it once in sixth or seventh grade but I guess did not fully absorb the content- either way, I am rereading it and once again seeing what a wonderful book it is. Worthy of my selective Favorite Books list, even.

In English I did not have to read my essay aloud- we only had time for five or six and there was no way I was going to volunteer. Public speaking sometimes gives me the heebie jeebies.

Oh, I also gave Schoder the sheet about writing me a letter of recommendation to put in my Child Development portfolio- I am quite interested to see what he writes about me.

The holiday is Water A Flower Day. To celebrate this, I am going to water my miniature cactus, even though I am not sure if that counts as a flower- though, I guess, there are cactus flowers… I really do not know.

The word of the day that was reserved for yesterday is retronym, a word introduced because an existing term had become inadequate. For example, the original Star Trek television series being changed to Star Trek: The Original Series after spawning various series and such, or hot chocolate originally being referred to as chocolate until the chocolate bar cam about and became tremendously popular, being changed to become the base word ‘chocolate.’

Today’s word of the day, however, is squircle, a shape with properties between those of a circle and those of a square. Basically, a square with rounded edges. One is shown below.

The number of the day is thirty-three-and-a-half, for some unknown reason.

What do you fear, why are you here, when will you leave, do you believe?

-An anonymous run-on question

Farewell, buddies. I hope tonight generates an overload of happiness for you all.

EDIT: Wow, the party was extremely fun!  We played hide-and-go-seek and Apples to Apples, signed yearbooks, watched the National Spelling Bee on television, and many other fun things.