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The Name Of My Chick And Wanting To Become A Vegetarian

May 22, 2008

The chicks arrived today, right on schedule! I would describe how excited this made me, but that would be positively impossible.

There are enough chicks for my siblings and I each to have two or three, but I only want one. One perfect little chicken is more than enough. My chick is so adorable. It is unbelievable, how adorable. Sorry for boring you with this ranting, but she is just so darn cute! I am even enclosing pictures so as to spread the cuteness around.

Is she not the most adorable ball of fluff in the world?

Speaking of her, I never even told you her name! It is a male name, I guess, but the nickname is unisex.

Her name is Archibald Barnaby Bartholomew van Buren (the ‘van Buren’ part if a tribute to my favorite president, Martin van Buren). Archie for short.

Now, for the real ranting part.

Apparently, if there are less than twenty-five chicks in an order at hatcheries (where chickens are hatched and sold and all), the employees may decide that the chicks will not be warm enough on the ride over to the post office. Because of this, they may decide that it would be beneficial to put some extra chicks in the box along with the ones you ordered.

Now, normally, I would not object to extra chicks. Actually, I still do not object to them. The thing is, though, the extra ones they give you are all male. And my mother does not like roosters very much. You know, because they are a lot more aggressive than hens. That is fine and dandy, but they gave us five male Rhode Island Reds with our order. Emphasis on the male. My mother claims there is no way we can have five extra roosters at our house in addition to the two we already have (we have one that is almost full-grown, Ezra, and we ordered one male chick as well). And she claims that we will either kill and eat them ourselves or give them to somebody else who would also kill and eat them.

And that is the reason I really hate (well, not hate, I do not hate anybody, but I am furious with her) my mother right now. Because she would have innocent chicks killed just because they may be a little aggressive. Words simply cannot express how angry I am at her right now. And that is the reason I wish I could become a vegetarian.

Now, I have sort of always been thinking about becoming a vegetarian. The thing is, though… actually, I have excuses but they are pretty much invalid. My only excuse (and a pitiful one at that) is that I do not like any vegetables (and believe me, I have tried a multitude of vegetables) and would have nothing to eat. However, that is invalid now, seeing as I could merely substitute all meats I would normally eat for fake meats. My brother does that, being a vegan, and there is normally a big stock of vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc. in our freezer. So, hmm, perhaps it would not be impossible. Maybe I will become a vegetarian.

Thanks for listening, anyway. I apologize if this was boring or did not make much sense.

The number of the day is nine, the holiday is Buy An Instrument Day, the color of the day is nonexistent (actually, it is pearl, but because he did not plan it ahead of time I find it pointless to count it as one) because Wallie forgot for the millionth time to find a color, and the word of the day is muckraker (one who spreads scandal against another).

Oh yeah, I got a ninety-five on my math quiz! Increase in overall Algebra II grade, here I come!

I am going to train Archie now. Farewell!

P.S. Once again, is Archie not tremendously adorable? I just cannot get over it…

I Have a Crooked Smile.

May 4, 2008

Today was a lazy Sunday. Hmm, that sounds like a saying or something… I will have to look into that.

I spent the majority of the day watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos of the past. I got through I think three pages of videos.

Most of the rest of my family went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I did not really have a choice as to whether I wanted to go because Emma was at our neighbor’s house and I needed to be home for when she came back.

They had corn dogs there. Corn dogs! Oh, the nerve of them to have such a magnificent food when I have been wanting one for over a year and not had the chance.

They did, however, bring back kettle corn, so I will be forgiving them for the mishap.

We are going to have pizza for dinner.

I am actually feeling rather discouraged at the moment because Abie left an open purple marker in one of his pants pockets, which ended up being washed with one of my newer Threadless shirts. One of the few that I did not receive as gifts and instead bought myself. Which now has purple splotches on it. I will need to get some stain removal and hope that it is effective.

Oh man, I just remembered something that has now burst my already-burst bubble: remember how I told you guys that my sister was singing in the middle school talent show? Well, in the program it listed a snippet of each of the acts. In one of the acts, either eight or nine, perhaps act ten, it said something like, “[names of people in act] call themselves the JANCC 5,” and then, in parentheses, said, “an anagram of the group’s first names.” I read this and was like, ‘what the heck?” I mean, honestly, they thought that was an anagram when it was so obviously an acronym? I felt sick to my stomach when reading this- no joke. I shared my anger with various family members but they all thought I was overreacting. And I was not, really. It is just that… well, so many people need serious help with their grasp of language and then something like this happens- adults not knowing what something is properly called and sharing this lack of knowledge with the general community. It is absolutely preposterous that something like this should happen, in the field of education, no less. Like how I so often find grammar mistakes in my high school teacher’s writings. For instance, my math teacher used, ‘zero’s’ as the plural form of ‘zero.’ I mean, honestly- it can be spelled ‘zero’ or ‘zeroes,’ but NOT ‘zero’s!’ Really, can they truly not use an apostrophe correctly? They are teachers, for goodness sakes.

Sorry, I am ranting. It just really… infuriates me how doomed the English language is. Among other things.

Another slightly doomed fact- my sister Clara, who just turned thirteen, found out today that peanut butter is not made from actual butter. That is unbelievable.

“I wish I…” rant-

I wish I …

…were as smart as people think I am.

…could whistle, snap my fingers, or blow a gum bubble.

…knew what I could expect in my future and stop worrying about it.

…could stop being so shy that strangers think I hate them.

…could do something extraordinarily interesting.

…had enough money to give it out to deserving people.

…could stay a child forever but still grow up.

…still believed in the tooth fairy.

…could eat vegetables and not gag.

…could stay outside and read all day.

…knew how to cheer people up.

…could talk to people without feeling stupid and inferior.

…were born before technology became such a huge part of people’s lives.

Thank you, thank you very much.