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Subtle Aesthetic

February 11, 2010

I got the title from a random phrase generator, because I am boring like that.

Where to begin, where to begin? I thought I posted last about a month ago. I saw that Daniel ( had put up a new post, and after reading it I decided to check out my own long-forgotten blog. To my surprise, I found that my last post was not even at the end of November. I had not even finished NaNoWriMo when I last posted, and that seems like three thousand years ago.

Well, I think I’m going to start posting again, if only for the entertainment and nostalgic factors I get from reading my past posts. I will be seventeen soon, only a couple of months from now, and seventeen is a whole lot older than sixteen, it seems. I just don’t want to miss out on being able to read this, years from now. I don’t want a whole chunk of my teenage-hood to be missing from documentation.

I have been on the computer way too much lately. It would be one thing if I were watching movies on it, or just listening to music while knitting, but instead it’s mostly just been a whole lot of browsing the internet. I feel like I haven’t accomplished much of anything. I have my knitting right next to me, because I am always aiming to watch a movie and knit whilst doing so, but instead I get distracted. In the end, it takes me three hours to watch a one-and-a-half hour movie, and that annoys me.

I’m knitting a nice green wool sweater, and I started it nine days ago, and yet I’m not even halfway done. If I had been knitting with all of these snows days we’ve been having, rather than becoming distracted every five minutes, I could be done with it by now.

I’ve found that I have unfortunately been a lot moodier lately. Also, I’ve stayed angry with family members for longer than I used to. Maybe I’m turning into more of a teenager? Other than that, the getting upset with family thing, I still don’t feel like I’m sixteen… or a junior in high school. It’s so weird to think that.

In the past few days, however, I did manage to watch two really great movies. They are “Wristcutters: A Love Story” and “Running with Scissors.” Both were very powerful, though it sounds so stupid to say that. Really, they were. They made me think, and they made me laugh and almost cry. A good movie to me is one that makes me feel something, and they did just that.  I read the book Running with Scissors a long while ago (I’d like to re-read it soon), which is good because I could tell it was a lot different from the movie, that they left a lot out in the movie, but I couldn’t remember all the details so it didn’t upset me too much.

Yesterday my sister Clara found my old phone charger, so I can use it again. It’s a little silver one that, if I put it on the floor before somebody calls, will dance by spinning around. It’s pretty great. I was using one of Clara’s six (seven?) phones since my littlest sister Zinnia broke the flippy cover off mine. Clara buys a new phone every few months. It’s kind of ridiculous, but I’m the same way with books, so I guess I can’t say anything. Except, I buy loads of books that I never end up reading, that I hope to read sometime in my life. It reminds me of Alaska in the book Looking for Alaska, because she had a room with so many books in it, and everybody would always ask her if she had read all of them.  She would tell them that they were the books she hoped to one day read.   Not reading very much at all, though, is going to change, hopefully soon.  In middle school, I used to check out a book from the school library at the end of every day, and I would just about always finish it, ready to return it the following day.

Another thing I need to do more is go places with friends.  I haven’t gone somewhere out of school hours with a friend (other than Wednesday Club and Dungeons and Dragons) in I don’t know how long.  It’s been awhile, though.  Rachel and I keep planning sleepovers, but they never go through in the end, mostly because of weather issues.

It’s been snowing a lot lately.  I’ve spent more time shoveling snow the last two weeks than I have hanging out with friends.  That’s awful to me.

I received my SAT scores online today.  I got a 1760.  My mother says that’s pretty good for the first time taking it, but I’m not that happy about it.  I could have done a lot better.  The worst part is that I got a 6/12 on the essay, and my essays are usually so premium.  I wish I could see how they graded it more specifically, and see where I went wrong.  I didn’t think it was a masterpiece, but it really wasn’t THAT bad.

I am going to go now.  Clara also found my Ipod charger yesterday, which has been lost for ages and ages, and I need to put some more songs on it.  Does anybody have any recommendations, particularly of folksy music or foreign music?  It’s funny, because I either like music where I can’t understand the words because they’re in a different language, or where the words can be heard as clear as day, with little instrumental music.