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Yet Another Verbose List of Repetition

June 23, 2008
I am really, really hoping I can type up enough for this post before something comes up that stops me. The computer still has a virus, unfortunately, but the internet sometimes still works so I am attempting to write the post anyway. My older brother is out somewhere and I cannot use his laptop without him because he has a password on it that does not allow you to log in unless you have it.

Okay, today… hmm, I think I actually did/did not do some things today. Here they are… and some other thoughts and miscellanious things.

[1]A minimal amount of more knitting. The scarf is now about two-and-a-half feet long. In the end, I hope to make it about seven feet, maybe a bit more. I like long scarves that I can wrap around my neck a bunch of times: plus, it would look like an inchworm was choking me, and that would be pretty neat.

[2]I attempted to set up our incredible sweater knitting machine. With it, I would be able to knit really fast. Plus, from what I remember when my mother used it a lot, it is really fun to use. I would even be able to make a vest on it, which would take a long time to make otherwise. Unfortunately, one of the pieces to it has become misplaced. My mother says she will try and find it soon, tomorrow maybe.
[3]My mother went to a yarn-dying class and dyed an amazing light blue, dark blue, and chocolate-colored yarn today. She says she may start up an etsy shop, if she can learn how to make it at home. That would be awesome, especially if it became really successful. Plus, we would have even more yarn at our house, and yarn is wonderful.
[4]I have been (and still will be) earning money from baby-sitting Lydia. I earned fifteen dollars this morning. Perhaps if I baby-sit a lot then I will not even have a need for a summer job (which I am still hoping and looking for).
[5]I watched all but seven minutes of a movie called Next. It is about this guy who can see two minutes into the future if it directly affects him. Naturally, the FBI find out about his gift and need his help in finding the locaction of a bomb that, when dropped, will kill eight million people. So, yeah, it is pretty realistic. Regardless, it is really good. I am sure the ending will be great as well, but seeing as there is no place to watch the rest of it (one DVD player is being used for Playstation II, one is in the room where Lydia is currently asleep, and the portable DVD player outlet cords are lost), I do not think I will be finding out anytime soon.
We had a typical summer dinner tonight; corn on the cob, burgers, tater tots, and cantaloupe. Hey, did you know that cantaloupe has the alternate spelling of cantaloup? There does not have to be an E at the end. That is terribly interesting.
Almost as interesting as something my mother told me today- that people from the home state of presidents often move to Washington D.C. after a president from their home state is elected… if that makes sense… it sounds a bit verbose, but I do not feel like going back and correcting it right now. I am in a hurry.
The knitting sleepover did not work out too well- Jake stayed in the room pretty much all night on his laptop, so there was no privacy for playing truth or dare or anything. Plus, I kept getting freaked out and too scared to sleep because of thinking so much about sleep paralysis. Ugh, I should not have even typed that… we played an extremely short game of Would You Rather and the question was, “Would you rather get ten shots or have sleep paralysis?” As much as I despise needles, I chose the first. I would hate hate hate to have sleep paralysis.
Okay, I think this post is almost long enough… these usually are about seven hundred words, I think, and this is so far six hundred seventy-eight words. Almost there…
Wow, I have tons of emails from long ago that I have never deleted, and I have still used up only three percent of my memory. That is crazy.
It is so weird, looking back at the things I wrote a long time ago. I sounded so… stupid. Chances are, I will read this a few months from now and think the same thing.
Okay, I still have nothing much more to say. (Ugh, verbosity… if that is a word…)
Farewell. If I do not post tomorrow, it is because of the computer virus.