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It so much creeps me out, so much it is crazy…

October 11, 2008

Hmm?  What was that?  Oh wait, nobody asked me anything.  Never mind then.

Grr, I need to do something.  I am feeling very crafty but no knitting project thus far has held my interest in the last few hours.

I MUST make/get a cardigan!  This is driving me nuts.  I would make one if my mother would allow me to use the sewing machine.

Oh, I have started a list of necessities to put into my nonexistent bag of everything.  Someday, I hope to have a fantastic bag, and when that happens I will put everything I could possibly need at various times in various situations.  I like being prepared.


I listened to the Beethoven CD to get to sleep last night, and it worked marvelously.  Much better than the creepy chanting ‘classical’ CD I checked out from the library some time ago.

I called out at dinner that it made me sick when people name their dogs/whatever after cartoon characters, such as dogs named Scooby Doo.  I have nothing against Scooby Doo, in fact I like him quite a bit, but characters are meant to stay characters.  It seems so unoriginal to name a pet after something else, a cartoon something else.  However, I got in trouble for saying it.  My mother basically said I was out of line (I think that sounds nicer), though actually she just said I was being rude.  As when I put my foot on the table and said I could not wait until my birthday when I would be able to do so without getting in trouble (that is what I did last year, and it was great), my parents were ‘disappointed’ in me.  I would like to run wild but it seems my parents would get in the way of that, not to mention it would be ‘immature.’

Ugh, sorry for the petty complaints.  Starving children in China and everything, I really should not be ranting on about such trivial matters.  I apologize most heartily.

Oh (I use that word a lot; have you noticed?), and I am well over halfway done with Great Mystery Stories.  I could never write mysteries.  There is so much thought put into them, it seems, and the endings are so clever and well-thought-out.  I do not think I have EVER figured out the ending to a mystery before getting to the end, but, then again, that is the fun in them for me.

Oh (there I go again), we got more food from the Food Lion dumpster (ha ha).  Blackberries, blueberries, watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, and I believe that is all.  There was still a bunch more but my father was paranoid so we left.  I think Jake may go out again later tonight, though it is getting pretty late so maybe not.


Goodbyegoodbyegoodbye.  Oh, and I still need to make the tree for the To KIll a Mockingbird project.*

*There goes that ‘oh’ again.  Sorry.