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Scarf and such

November 24, 2008

First off, here are two pictures of the flying spaghetti monster scarf:

Up close:

Second, other things:

Instead of going to the grocery store yesterday, we went today. We got pretty much everything we’ll be needing for Thanksgiving. I will be making a pecan pie, which I already mentioned, and layered jell-o, which I think I also already mentioned.

My father and I noticed a dear old couple at the supermarket, a little old man and little old woman. They were so sweet. My father said that the man reminded him of his grandfather, who died when he was young.

A little while ago I was almost done knitting a lovely mitten out of this very same yarn:

when I realized that it was humongous. Like countless others before me, I had almost finished making something that closely resembled an oven mitt, or something of the sort. A mitten for someone with ginormous hands, anyway. So, I frogged it and am now looking for another mitten pattern, one that uses yarn of similar weight to my yarn. No success, yet.

My father (with a bit of help from my younger siblings) has spent this weekend painting all of the cabinets in our kitchen. Now they are a cheery white, matching the warm yellow walls and now newly painted chocolate brown counter bottoms. All together, the colors make the kitchen look much bigger and happier.

Well, it is almost time for bed and I still need to take a shower and other traditional before-bed happenings, so good night and farewell.

Until we meet again, I hope you have a lovely life. (And after that as well, for that matter)