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Exploding With Awesomeness

December 18, 2008

I’ve spent a significant amount of my time after Wednesday Club (where I played Hangman with Daniel, which was EPIC) rating, commenting, and viewing Project for Awesome videos.  If you’re reading this and don’t know what it is, check out  It’s for a number of great causes.

Now, besides that-

In Knitting and Crocheting Club today, I began my second mitten.  I actually lost the original pattern so I’m adapting a different one and hoping it turns out relatively the same.

Right now I’m thinking about all of the hate and all of the love in the world, all of the good and all of the bad.  There are so many wonderful things about everything and everyone, but evil as well.  The classic good vs. evil.

My father borrowed a GPS system from a guy at his work to see how he likes it because he’s been wanting one for a long time.  It is grand, I tell you.

We finished watching Gallipoli in AP Euro.  How did I know that the ending would make me cry?  War movies always end tragically.

It’s a good day, a very good day indeed.  (Kapillionth time I’ve said that, but eh)

Farewell, my children, and otherwise.



I completely forgot to mention my new chicken.

October 20, 2008

So, my crazier grandmother decided she did not want a lot of her chickens and asked if we wanted some of them.  Now we have, like ten more.  And guess what?  Two of them were Americanas like poor little Archie, so I got one of them!  She is not a baby but a hen.  She is not very friendly because she is not used to people that much since nobody paid her any attention, but I am excited.  I decided to name her Katherine the Yeti, after Hank and John Green’s wives.  Also kind of after Catherine the Great, but not really.

Bye now.

It so much creeps me out, so much it is crazy…

October 11, 2008

Hmm?  What was that?  Oh wait, nobody asked me anything.  Never mind then.

Grr, I need to do something.  I am feeling very crafty but no knitting project thus far has held my interest in the last few hours.

I MUST make/get a cardigan!  This is driving me nuts.  I would make one if my mother would allow me to use the sewing machine.

Oh, I have started a list of necessities to put into my nonexistent bag of everything.  Someday, I hope to have a fantastic bag, and when that happens I will put everything I could possibly need at various times in various situations.  I like being prepared.


I listened to the Beethoven CD to get to sleep last night, and it worked marvelously.  Much better than the creepy chanting ‘classical’ CD I checked out from the library some time ago.

I called out at dinner that it made me sick when people name their dogs/whatever after cartoon characters, such as dogs named Scooby Doo.  I have nothing against Scooby Doo, in fact I like him quite a bit, but characters are meant to stay characters.  It seems so unoriginal to name a pet after something else, a cartoon something else.  However, I got in trouble for saying it.  My mother basically said I was out of line (I think that sounds nicer), though actually she just said I was being rude.  As when I put my foot on the table and said I could not wait until my birthday when I would be able to do so without getting in trouble (that is what I did last year, and it was great), my parents were ‘disappointed’ in me.  I would like to run wild but it seems my parents would get in the way of that, not to mention it would be ‘immature.’

Ugh, sorry for the petty complaints.  Starving children in China and everything, I really should not be ranting on about such trivial matters.  I apologize most heartily.

Oh (I use that word a lot; have you noticed?), and I am well over halfway done with Great Mystery Stories.  I could never write mysteries.  There is so much thought put into them, it seems, and the endings are so clever and well-thought-out.  I do not think I have EVER figured out the ending to a mystery before getting to the end, but, then again, that is the fun in them for me.

Oh (there I go again), we got more food from the Food Lion dumpster (ha ha).  Blackberries, blueberries, watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, and I believe that is all.  There was still a bunch more but my father was paranoid so we left.  I think Jake may go out again later tonight, though it is getting pretty late so maybe not.


Goodbyegoodbyegoodbye.  Oh, and I still need to make the tree for the To KIll a Mockingbird project.*

*There goes that ‘oh’ again.  Sorry.

Over A Dozen Exclamation Points

May 19, 2008

Alternate titles (because alternate titles are an awesome idea):

An Ant For Each Year And One For Good Luck

An Abundance Of Excitement

Yup, you have guessed it- my ant farm arrived today!!!! I was so excited, all day long, that I could scarcely sit still in class. When I got home, sure enough, the package was here! After a bit, I caught sixteen ants and put them in the ant farm. I am hoping they are the right kind that will actually dig through the gel- I will not know, though, for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the estimated time before they start digging, according to the instructions booklet.

Jiminy Crickets, this is exciting!

I am currently reading two different books- one about human individuality titled No Two Alike and the other about Mary Mallon titled Typhoid Mary. Both are quite interesting.

The weather is rather nice today- not very sunny and kind of windy.

Nobody has bid on the yellow rain sliders on Ebay yet- they are only about thirteen dollars (that includes shipping) so perhaps I will be able to buy them!

Hooray, our chicks are arriving on Thursday!

Oh joy, we are getting our puppy next weekend!

Fizzing whizbees, Laura is having a party soon!

Wowzers, John Green is going to upload a video EVERY DAY this week! How monstrously exciting is that?

Hurrah, I get to miss school on Wednesday- plus there will be Wednesday Club after school!

My goodness, there are a humongo amount of amazing things happening in the near future! More of those magnificent things to come-

We are having chicken noodle soup for dinner!

The “In Case Of Zombies” shirt has been reprinted on Threadless!

My ants are fantastic and will start tunneling soon!

There are over a dozen exclamation points in this post!

Life is the best thing ever!

I am going to play with a pinwheel outside after dinner!

Obviously, it is a very exciting day. What joy awaits!

Farewell, Mexican jumping beans.

EDIT: In all of the excitement, I completely forgot to tell all of the things of the day!  The number of the day is seventy, the words are ineffable and janiform (incapable of being expressed in words and having two faces), the boring holiday is Boy’s Club Day, and the nonexistent color of the day is sunrise.