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Oh, Stop Being Such A Drama Villain (This Title Goes Out to You, Daniel)

April 24, 2008

Happy Pig in a Blanket Day! The letter of the day is Z, the word being zanyism (meaning ‘buffoonery’). Both are marvelous words.

I finished the Kevin Clash autobiography and am now almost done with If Harry Potter Ran General Electric as well.

I got a one hundred percent on my vocabulary quiz! That is exciting, especially considering I am on a one hundred percent streak for those quizzes. Words entice me.

Tomorrow, I, along with many others across the world, will be participating in a Day of Silence. I have scanned and posted the card we must show to our teachers if given any grief for not speaking. It is below:


There are only five more days until my birthday. I am extremely excited, seeing as I comprised a list this year, something I have not done since I was much, much younger. Because I made a list, I will be receiving things that I actually want and will use. Thrilling, eh?

Oh, books, you never cease to amaze me.

I am still keeping an eye out for job opportunities. I still really want to work at a grocery store. I love them. The best place to work at, I guess, would be Giant. Because it is right next to the library and all. The only problem is that it is about fifteen minutes or so away from my house. More money would end up being spent on gas than I would actually earn.

My mother got the family cellphone bill today and, whoopee, I spent the least out of anybody! I only spent about $2.65 on text messages, about important things, a few months ago. So, hooray, I do not have to pay off anything (unlike my older brother Jake and my sister Clara- they both have to pay around thirty dollars)! I am such a good kid.

Conformity, marketing, consumerism, I dislike you all. And society, for causing all of these to exist.

Blasted world, messing up my sense of time. I keep getting mixed up on the date, time of day, and day of the week. Ironic, considering I have a pocket watch hanging around my neck at all times.

Wallie was absent today. I am wondering what will happen when he (if he) gets back tomorrow, considering so many people will not be speaking.

Friends, I love you. Family, I love you. Strangers, I love you. Baby Hitler, I love you. Adult Hitler, I despise you. Dead Hitler, I wish you had experienced a regular life and gotten some help. Sad people, I hope you become happy soon.

Best wishes, global beings.


“The Cat And The Man Who Was Not Recondite,” A Short Stort Created By Choosing Five Random Words From The Dictionary and Writing A Story About Them

March 18, 2008

Note: This story doubles as reading pleasure and a small vocabulary lesson.  When a word or group of words is in bold, that means it is one of five vocabulary words or definitions.  Numbers will be placed before a word and before the definition of that word and the word itself so as to emphaize that the two parts go together.


There once existed a tale of an extremely 1recondite man.

“I am rather 1hard to understand,” he said to a cat.

“No you aren’t,” replied the cat in a 2pejorative manner.

“Are those 2negative connotations I hear?” asked the man.

“Well, you are wearing a 3kirtle,” the cat hinted.

“Do you have a problem with me wearing 3a long gown or dress normally worn by women?” inquired the man.

“No,” responded the cat.  “I am merely suggesting that perhaps your attire proves otherwise from claim that you are difficult to comprehend.  Personally, I find that your inner workings are exceedingly simple.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” the man questioned.

“That you are obviously a transvestite,” said the cat.

The man let out a hearty guffaw.  “Why should anybody believe you to be 4fiduciary when your conversations, such as this one, are so absurdly ridiculous?  Me, a transvestite?  Ha!  Why on earth should I 4hold your opinion or trust you at all on this matter when you are only a dumb old cat?”

“Right you are,” the cat 5agreed.

“And why are you now so 5concordant?” inquired the man.

“Because it is true,” explained the cat.  “I am indeed a cat.”

The man nodded, if somewhat suspiciously.

“And cats do not hold their own opinions, do they?” the cat puzzled.

The man shook his head.  “Not that I know of,” he said.

“Nor do they speak?” the cat continued.

“To the extent of my knowledge, no,” he answered.

“Then, in reality, do I even exist?” questioned the cat to the man.

The man thought for a moment.  “I suppose not,” he replied.  He waited for additional questions to come, of which there were none, because neither the cat nor the man ever did exist.


Gee, I never realized until now but the majority of all of my short stories end up with the character/s fighting.  Strange…

On a completely different note, I still have mixed feelings about Spring Break.  However, I have been thinking up a few fantastic story ideas that I will have to act upon.  Soon, hopefully, before the thoughts are shoved into the back of my head to make room for more.

Elvis has left the building.


Today is Grover Cleveland’s birthday.  From what I have found out from research, he seems like he was a truly fantastic man.  It’s sad, though, because today he is little-known amongst people.  Out of the many people whom I told of this day today, only a handful knew who he was, or even that he was a president. 

A quote he spoke prior to dying: “Some day I will be better remembered.”

It breaks my heart to know that his dying wish did not come true.

 Other lovely and true quote by him: “It is better to be defeated standing for a high principle than to run by committing subterfuge.”

True, very true.

On a lighter yet not much lighter note, people would often stop him on the streets to say, “Hey, aren’t you our president?” or something along those lines, (he was that little-known, even back then) and he would respond, “I played him in a movie.”

A witty, kind, and clever man that Cleveland was.