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On Failing to Become John Hancock, Negative and Positive Experiences, and Books Full Of Words

April 25, 2008

The Day of Silence has since ended (it ended at 3 pm in my area), and the first thing I uttered were ‘macadamia nut.’ It was hard, not speaking. I mean, I normally do not talk anyway, other than to my friends in the halls, but just knowing that I could not talk was different, in a way. Surprisingly, not as many people as I originally thought ended up participating in it. Other than my friends, there were only two or three people in my classes who refrained from talking. It was a marvelous experience, either way.

Other than the Day of Silence, today is also East Meets West Day (whatever that means) and World Penguin Day. Because it is Friday, the word of the day becomes Ten Words Friday. The following are the obscure words I have chosen. See if you can find the simple pattern (if that is what it would be called) in the first letters if the words. I bet you will.

[1]Adunc- hooked

[2]Babeldom- a confused sound of voices

[3]Cacoepy- poor or wrong pronunciation

[4]Dapocaginous- mean-spirited; heartless

[5]Ecphonesis- exclamation

[6]Facundity- eloquence

[7]Galactophagist- milk drinker

[8]Heartsome- exhilarating; merry

[9]Ibidem- in the same place (I actually learned a variation of this in Latin class last semester)

[10]Jeofail- official or legal acknowledgment of a mistake

I would have to say my favorites are [3] and [7]. [3] because of the hilarity that would surely ensue if somebody mispronounced the word, and [7] because I adore the definition. In fact, I am going to go up to my vegan brother right after this and inform him that I am a galactophagist and he is not. He is home from college for the weekend, you know.

For your added reading pleasure (ha!) I am going to scan the list of books I have read since April 10th, which I have been recording in my handy dandy Scrabble journal. Perhaps you will use one or more as a recommendation. They, for the most part, have all been excellent books. I am sorry if the titles are a bit hard to read. Once I get to page twenty-five in my book journal, I am going to reward myself. Probably with a book (oh, the irony). Most likely a dictionary of obscure words, if I do not get one for my birthday.  Go to: if the text is too small, which I am guessing it will be.

Today in English we had a substitute, meaning we did a short writing activity and then watched a movie. The writing activity was, ‘Write about your worst school experience.’ Personally, I have not had many bad experiences. At least, not ones big enough to write about. In the end, I settled on something that happened to me in fifth grade. I never got into trouble (as in, ever) then. It was Colonial Day, and we were divided into groups and set up at stations. The first station my group went to was a writing station, where we were instructed to write a letter using a quill and ink and then seal it using this hot wax. They also told us that if we misbehaved then we would have to sit in the corner on a stool and wear the dunce cap. Now that I think about it, I realize how, well, mean, this was. Even if it was just to fit into the colonial theme. Even so, at the time I saw that cap and, for some odd reason, I really wanted to wear it. Now, as I mentioned, I never got into trouble. However, I devised a plan to get into trouble, and I did. I poured ink all over my paper and ripper the corners so that I would get in trouble and be able to wear the dunce cap and sit on the sturdy wooden stool. I was proud of myself on the fact that my plan went perfectly. At least, it did until my teacher came over and reprimanded me. Even worse, I later made the mistake of trying some deer jerky (I kid you not). In the end, I became sick from it and was not able to participate in the fifth grade play. And I was going to be John Hancock!

So, yeah, it was not the best time of my life. I was deciding between that story and one of how, in second grade Gym class, I hit my funny bone on something. I do not remember what exactly happened, but I remember that I had the strange feeling of laughing and crying at the same time. I told the Gym teacher that I got hurt, but she did not believe me and made me stay after class to talk with her. I never did like that Gym teacher. Nobody did. One time she scared a girl so much that she wet her pants.

The movie we watched (or, rather, began watching) was The Dead Poet’s Society. I do not know whether I liked it or not, because I was feeling kind of dazed during it and in turn did not pay much attention to it.

Oh yeah, today at school I was walking behind somebody with the beginnings of dreads!  Regardless of how dreadfully (I swear there was no pun intended) shy I am, I was extremely close to asking her about them.  Then I remembered that it was the Day of Silence.  Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that my wish for dreadlocks has been rekindled for the trillionth time.  I am trying not to pester my parents, but I would like for them to give me a straight answer over whether I can get them.

Golly gee, it is the weekend! I cannot believe it has come once again.

Farewell, my friends and otherwise. I am off to read more of Einstein In Love. I am nearly three-quarters of the way done and very interested.


Oh, Stop Being Such A Drama Villain (This Title Goes Out to You, Daniel)

April 24, 2008

Happy Pig in a Blanket Day! The letter of the day is Z, the word being zanyism (meaning ‘buffoonery’). Both are marvelous words.

I finished the Kevin Clash autobiography and am now almost done with If Harry Potter Ran General Electric as well.

I got a one hundred percent on my vocabulary quiz! That is exciting, especially considering I am on a one hundred percent streak for those quizzes. Words entice me.

Tomorrow, I, along with many others across the world, will be participating in a Day of Silence. I have scanned and posted the card we must show to our teachers if given any grief for not speaking. It is below:


There are only five more days until my birthday. I am extremely excited, seeing as I comprised a list this year, something I have not done since I was much, much younger. Because I made a list, I will be receiving things that I actually want and will use. Thrilling, eh?

Oh, books, you never cease to amaze me.

I am still keeping an eye out for job opportunities. I still really want to work at a grocery store. I love them. The best place to work at, I guess, would be Giant. Because it is right next to the library and all. The only problem is that it is about fifteen minutes or so away from my house. More money would end up being spent on gas than I would actually earn.

My mother got the family cellphone bill today and, whoopee, I spent the least out of anybody! I only spent about $2.65 on text messages, about important things, a few months ago. So, hooray, I do not have to pay off anything (unlike my older brother Jake and my sister Clara- they both have to pay around thirty dollars)! I am such a good kid.

Conformity, marketing, consumerism, I dislike you all. And society, for causing all of these to exist.

Blasted world, messing up my sense of time. I keep getting mixed up on the date, time of day, and day of the week. Ironic, considering I have a pocket watch hanging around my neck at all times.

Wallie was absent today. I am wondering what will happen when he (if he) gets back tomorrow, considering so many people will not be speaking.

Friends, I love you. Family, I love you. Strangers, I love you. Baby Hitler, I love you. Adult Hitler, I despise you. Dead Hitler, I wish you had experienced a regular life and gotten some help. Sad people, I hope you become happy soon.

Best wishes, global beings.