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It is almost exactly 5 pm at the time I am writing this first line.

June 20, 2008

I am writing this post while I have a spare moment to do so. Okay, so I have plenty of spare moments to write, too many to count, but most of the time there is somebody else on the computer and nobody is on right now, so I thought it would be the perfect time. Today I did even less than I did yesterday- I did not read books or anything, just loafed around basically. Therefore, I will try to think of some tiny, insignificant things I did such as brush my teeth (but hopefully a bit more interesting) to write down.

They are in no particular order other than the order they popped into my head, for your information.

[1]I made a tent with Lydia out of my bed. I sleep in the bottom bunk, in case you did not know, so it is rather simple to turn my bed into a tent. You just tuck in a sheet or blanket under the top bunk mattress and then you are good to go. We were not in the tent for long, just for about ten or fifteen minutes. Lydia and I played I Spy with the posters and random things on my wall, and we ate a little bit of popcorn and listened to The Beatles, and then it was over. What fun.

[2]We brought the chicks outside to their new home witht he adult chickens. They are getting to the size where they can easily jump out of their cardboard box inside, and it is also getting to be a bit cramped, so we decided it was time to bring the chicks outside. Poor little Archie got pecked at by Spot and Moe, who were not sure what she was doing out there. Now, though, they are getting along just peachily.

[3]We are going to be having Subway for dinner. Hooray for turkey and cheese sandwiches!

[4]After dinner we are going to be doing something fantastic that we have not done in a long time. Stumped? It is Bingo Night! For Bingo Night, my father buys bunches of cheapy toys and candies and whatnot and then they are set out on the dining room side table. We play bingo on the main dining room table and it is always a blast.

[5]I still have twenty-three books left to read, and only nineteen days left to read them. This definitely calls for a cram reading session one of these days… perhaps tomorrow, providing something terribly exciting and time-consuming does not come up in my life. Which I highly doubt at this moment in time…

[6]Ahhh, there is this pesky spam on our computer that keeps coming up. For a few hours, it said there were eighty-three viruses on our computer. Now that number has changed to one hundred three. I am continuously reminded of Oliver Caspian…

[7]Speaking of spam (or is is?), I have gotten three or four comments on random posts on here. They mostly have the same random jumble of words, “eutomous unadverseness prakritic infrastructure inobediently undeservedness ispaghul amylophagia,” and then some sort of website address. Does anybody have any inkling as to what these mean? I thought it was a joke of some sort, but they are from different people so I do not know…

[8]I have been trying to find a neat knitting pattern for a new project. Nothing has really caught my eye yet, other than a Dobby Sock bookmark thing which looks pretty cool. I have been wanting a vest, though, so perhaps I will make one for myself…

[9]It seems that Gatsby has a small obsession with yarn. This is not very good, seeing as there are many balls of yarn and half-finished projects throughout the house. He has chewed on a lot of them, somehow finding a way to get them off of the shelves, tables, etc.

[10]Oh my, this is crazy. All of a suddent I caught the scent of something like tuna fish… there is none in the room, or out of the room for that matter. How crazy.

Some things are so funny…

I believe I mentioned how in the You Don’t Mess With the Zohan movie they were randomly like, “meow meow meow meow,” right? Well, I told Lydia that and now she says it randomly as well. It is hilarious.

Goodbye now.

P.S. As I am finishing this, it is 6 pm. Provided (sorry, bad habit), that was after taking the dog out and plenty of other things, but still… that is pretty cool that it took exactly an hour.

A post in which I do not speak of much of anything (tags will be added later)

June 16, 2008

I am typing this up now so that I do not have to do it later. I doubt I will end up doing anything exciting this evening and I have nothing else to do right now. FOOLED

Today was the kind of day I spoke of yesterday- I kept thinking it was a school day and I stayed home to go to a dentist appointment or something. Speaking of appointments, I need to go to the orthodontist for an appointment for my braces- I have not been in a while.

Today I woke up around 9 am, I think.

I did not do much of anything exciting today, other than go to Walmart for a few groceries and stuff. Apparently, my mother has stopped deciding we cannot go to Walmart because its owners get out of paying their taxes.

Great Scott, I was just reminded of how overdone political jokes are related to George Bush. Bush will be out of office soon. And, yeah, he was a bad president and all, but somebody else will be there to pick up the pieces soon enough, so stop your yapping.

Ugh, now I am being reminded of how humans ruin so many things.

Oh boy, it is thundering outside. I wonder if… yup, the teepee has blown over. Joy.

Books, books, hooray for books.

Oh yeah, Laura’s long-awaited birthday present arrived in the mail today. I will be giving it to her whenever I next see her, which I hope will be soon (A copy of The Word Museum).

I threw away some of my school papers yesterday. It was so eventful that I completely forgot about it until now, when I tried to think of something I could write about in order to fulfill my quota. Hmm, let me think a second… I will need to think of a few more things to write about.

Oh, our strawberry plants have begun growing. Our blackberry bushes too, but I think I mentioned that. Anyway, there are a few strawberries but they are still pretty small. The peach trees will take a year or two to actually produce peaches, apparently. My cactus has not grown at all- my sister confessed that she actually put one of her cacti in my pot because I was upset at not having any seeds that grew. Too bad it did not root and just washed away when I watered it.

I remembered something to write about- my ant farm. The six or seven or so ants that were put in have actually tunneled! I mentioned this yesterday, I think, but it is still exciting. They have tunneled even more today, so I know that it is not just a little hole or something from the starter holes I poked.

Anyway, I do not have much else to say and this is nearly long enough now. I will type a bit more later, providing I have a chance to, in order to make it long enough.

And wow, I think this is the ninety-seventh post or perhaps ninety-eighth! Only a couple more until the hundredth!

Farewell now. Enjoy your evenings.

EDIT: AHAHAHA, I fooled you all!  I actually did have plants this evening- going to a surprise birthday party for Daniel!!!  I did not mention it here in case he happened to read it.

Anyways, it was a surprise birthday party of epic proportions.  I got him Apples to Apples and chocolate Skittles (which were surprisingly not that bad), and so we played that.  The game, not the Skittles.

It was at Danya’s house and it was lots of fun.  Daniel was tremendously surprised. 

We played Scrabble and made prank phone calls to people Valerie knows from Wisconsin, as well as other people not from Wisconsin.  Laura and I tried to prank call Hagrid but he did not pick up.

All in all, it was so very fun.  We made plans for Wednesday Club this Wednesday starting at 2 pm. 


P.S. For those of you (I will not mention names) who read but do not comment, do exactly what you once did not.  Please comment, and I will give you all high fives the next time I see you.  (And Valerie, I will not give you a high five- I am guessing you still do not want any)

P.P.S. Because Valerie reminded me to do so, I am going to put a picture of the construction paper bag I made on here.  I will be right back…

BACK: here it is:

The front and then the back (as if it matters which is which)…

And, because you all have not seen Archie in a while and I am sure you are all deathly curious, here is a picture I just took of her on one of the bookshelves in our library:

Is she not adorable?

Anyway, goodbye for real now.

The Name Of My Chick And Wanting To Become A Vegetarian

May 22, 2008

The chicks arrived today, right on schedule! I would describe how excited this made me, but that would be positively impossible.

There are enough chicks for my siblings and I each to have two or three, but I only want one. One perfect little chicken is more than enough. My chick is so adorable. It is unbelievable, how adorable. Sorry for boring you with this ranting, but she is just so darn cute! I am even enclosing pictures so as to spread the cuteness around.

Is she not the most adorable ball of fluff in the world?

Speaking of her, I never even told you her name! It is a male name, I guess, but the nickname is unisex.

Her name is Archibald Barnaby Bartholomew van Buren (the ‘van Buren’ part if a tribute to my favorite president, Martin van Buren). Archie for short.

Now, for the real ranting part.

Apparently, if there are less than twenty-five chicks in an order at hatcheries (where chickens are hatched and sold and all), the employees may decide that the chicks will not be warm enough on the ride over to the post office. Because of this, they may decide that it would be beneficial to put some extra chicks in the box along with the ones you ordered.

Now, normally, I would not object to extra chicks. Actually, I still do not object to them. The thing is, though, the extra ones they give you are all male. And my mother does not like roosters very much. You know, because they are a lot more aggressive than hens. That is fine and dandy, but they gave us five male Rhode Island Reds with our order. Emphasis on the male. My mother claims there is no way we can have five extra roosters at our house in addition to the two we already have (we have one that is almost full-grown, Ezra, and we ordered one male chick as well). And she claims that we will either kill and eat them ourselves or give them to somebody else who would also kill and eat them.

And that is the reason I really hate (well, not hate, I do not hate anybody, but I am furious with her) my mother right now. Because she would have innocent chicks killed just because they may be a little aggressive. Words simply cannot express how angry I am at her right now. And that is the reason I wish I could become a vegetarian.

Now, I have sort of always been thinking about becoming a vegetarian. The thing is, though… actually, I have excuses but they are pretty much invalid. My only excuse (and a pitiful one at that) is that I do not like any vegetables (and believe me, I have tried a multitude of vegetables) and would have nothing to eat. However, that is invalid now, seeing as I could merely substitute all meats I would normally eat for fake meats. My brother does that, being a vegan, and there is normally a big stock of vegetarian burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc. in our freezer. So, hmm, perhaps it would not be impossible. Maybe I will become a vegetarian.

Thanks for listening, anyway. I apologize if this was boring or did not make much sense.

The number of the day is nine, the holiday is Buy An Instrument Day, the color of the day is nonexistent (actually, it is pearl, but because he did not plan it ahead of time I find it pointless to count it as one) because Wallie forgot for the millionth time to find a color, and the word of the day is muckraker (one who spreads scandal against another).

Oh yeah, I got a ninety-five on my math quiz! Increase in overall Algebra II grade, here I come!

I am going to train Archie now. Farewell!

P.S. Once again, is Archie not tremendously adorable? I just cannot get over it…

Over A Dozen Exclamation Points

May 19, 2008

Alternate titles (because alternate titles are an awesome idea):

An Ant For Each Year And One For Good Luck

An Abundance Of Excitement

Yup, you have guessed it- my ant farm arrived today!!!! I was so excited, all day long, that I could scarcely sit still in class. When I got home, sure enough, the package was here! After a bit, I caught sixteen ants and put them in the ant farm. I am hoping they are the right kind that will actually dig through the gel- I will not know, though, for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the estimated time before they start digging, according to the instructions booklet.

Jiminy Crickets, this is exciting!

I am currently reading two different books- one about human individuality titled No Two Alike and the other about Mary Mallon titled Typhoid Mary. Both are quite interesting.

The weather is rather nice today- not very sunny and kind of windy.

Nobody has bid on the yellow rain sliders on Ebay yet- they are only about thirteen dollars (that includes shipping) so perhaps I will be able to buy them!

Hooray, our chicks are arriving on Thursday!

Oh joy, we are getting our puppy next weekend!

Fizzing whizbees, Laura is having a party soon!

Wowzers, John Green is going to upload a video EVERY DAY this week! How monstrously exciting is that?

Hurrah, I get to miss school on Wednesday- plus there will be Wednesday Club after school!

My goodness, there are a humongo amount of amazing things happening in the near future! More of those magnificent things to come-

We are having chicken noodle soup for dinner!

The “In Case Of Zombies” shirt has been reprinted on Threadless!

My ants are fantastic and will start tunneling soon!

There are over a dozen exclamation points in this post!

Life is the best thing ever!

I am going to play with a pinwheel outside after dinner!

Obviously, it is a very exciting day. What joy awaits!

Farewell, Mexican jumping beans.

EDIT: In all of the excitement, I completely forgot to tell all of the things of the day!  The number of the day is seventy, the words are ineffable and janiform (incapable of being expressed in words and having two faces), the boring holiday is Boy’s Club Day, and the nonexistent color of the day is sunrise.

Anxiety And A New Insult

April 15, 2008

Today is Eraser Day and Titanic Remembrance Day. The letter of the day is R, and because of this I chose a word of the day beginning with R. However, there were two remarkable R words so I just declared today a day of two words. They just happen to be rampallion and ragabash, both of which are so obscure that I quite doubt you will find them in an abridged version of a dictionary. Anyway, a rampallion is a thief or scoundrel and a ragabash is an idle, worthless fellow. Don’t you just love the word ‘fellow?’ Oh, and of course the words of the day. All are spectacular.

Mental note- tomorrow’s letter of the day is ‘C.’

Anyway, I was trying to find a way to use the words and ended up discovering a remarkable insult. Call out to somebody, “You rampallion of a ragabash!” and watch them stop dead in their tracks. Not only that, but it is extremely fun to say. Try it some time.

The anxiety part of my day comes from four exciting things coming up in my life. I am very anxious for these to happen, therefore have had trouble concentrating without my thought straying away. Several people have asked me if I was daydreaming some time today.

The exciting things are as follows-

[1]My pocket watch’s arrival, of course! I am very excited to see what it looks like and try it out. Not only will it make me very happy, but I will be able to stop constantly asking others what time it is. I am quite obsessive about knowing what time it is at all times.

[2]Our family’s puppy! I’m not sure exactly when we will be able to bring him home, but I know it is in less than two months. Maybe six weeks, give or take a week. I really don’t know, but I’m gosh darn eager to meet him!

[3]Wednesday Club, which happens to be tomorrow. Of course I am excited about this! I love having something to do after school, especially on Wednesdays, and our club is the jokesest one around.

[4]The arrival of our new chicks! I cannot wait to see them and pick one out to be my own. I am going to think up a fantastic name and train her to be the most magnificent and enviable chicken around. The chicks will be coming sometime in May.

Oh, yet another thing I am anxious about- my birthday, which is coming around in fourteen days.

Grrr, there is a wire in my braces that keeps poking my cheek. I tried putting wax on it but I strongly dislike the feel of it and have chosen to endure the pain rather than have a wad of grossness in my mouth.

I now plan to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora once and for all. It is taking way too long to finish, longer than many other books I have read, and I am anxious to move on to other books. I want to know what happens at the end and be done with it, once and for all.

We are watching Remember The Titans in English in order to write an editorial from the point of view of Lou Dimes of Gathering Of Old Men as a man living during the time of both the book and the movie. I have seen that movie too many times to count. It is completely ridiculous, but at least it is better than listening to the distracting antics of the loquacious fellows of our English class as Schoder unsuccessfully tries to calm them down. Or is it?

Make haste, my dears, for you are killing a second every moment you waste.

EDIT A BIT LATER: I also forgot to say that my family is going to the Free Pepsi Float Day at Arby’s… it should be fun… not to mention delicious!