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Today is the 19th, not yesterday’s post

September 19, 2008

I think the time zone is messed up or something.  Anyway, this post is from today, the 19th of September, whereas yesterday’s post was on the 18th, not the 19th as it says.

Today my boots came in the mail.  I was so excited.  They are marvelous.  My siblings were glad that they were packaged in bubble tape, which they got to jump on.  It was fun.  The boots look like this:

except for the fact that there is not a white background when I wear them.  At retail price, these boots are over a hundred dollars.  I got them off eBay for twenty some.  That is a pretty good deal, I think.

I wore the boots to the supermarket today, where we were getting various ingredients for


magic cookie bars (7-layer bars)


more dinner rolls!

The bars are done, the truffles are refrigerating, and the dough for the rolls is still rising.  It seems like whenever somebody does baking or cooking, we end up doing a lot of things at once.  Kind of like how, whenever I actually have something planned, a lot of other things come up and I have to choose between them.  Crazy.

I find it odd how some obscure holidays are not quite so obscure as others.  For example, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Everybody, it seems (at least online), knows about it, whereas other equally nice obscure holidays (such as National Beheading Day, September 2nd) are not celebrated.  I can just see it now, people joyously celebrating National Beheading Day.  But nooo, they would all much rather talk like pirates than behead people.  That is why people are annoying.

Seventeen views so far today.  I must be doing something right.  It is a little crazy to think that seventeen people are reading these shenanigans.  I am not sure I could even name seventeen people I am friends with.

Not too long until I am to go to the birthday party I mentioned yesterday.  I am excited, to say the least.

Bye now.

Wallie asked me if I was going to blog about the fact that I have no homework today, and I said yes; therefore, I am.

September 11, 2008

So, yeah, I have no homework today.  That is partly because I did today’s homework in school and partly because I stayed up late last night to get my AP Euro outline done.  I do not want to spend my weekend doing that.  Thursdays tend to be my free day in the sense of homework, and I am game with that.

For the most part, my classes are going well.  AP Euro is tough, but that was to be expected.

I am looking forward to many things occurring in the future.  For example,

1.) Paper Towns release (!!!)
2.) NaNoWriMo, though I have no ideas as of yet
2.)Twilight movie release (I am sure they will butcher it, but still… it will be nice to get a different view of things)
3.)Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist movie release and to read it… I am still waiting to either borrow the book or check it out from a library, but I am including it because I am sure I will love it once I do
4.)The boots I won on eBay to arrive in the mail (I fell in love with them, told my mother about them, and promptly gave up wishing for them- the next day, my mother bought them for me [!!!] and I was thrilled)
5.)Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie release (I. Can. Not. Wait.)
6.)Every Wednesday Club

Ugh, I have so many knitting projects to finish… I have procrastinated a trillion times twice over…
…headband, cardigan, scarf, mittens, socks, leg warmers… the list never ends…

Something crazy is going on…
Sorry, I just have been having this feeling lately that something ridiculous is going to happen in the near future…


Oh, curse of the evil ellipsis!
Only, kidding, I love you, Ellipsis

Farewell, friends.  I have an evening of mystery ahead of me.

The Great Gatsby Came Hither!

May 25, 2008

The sleepover of yesterday to this morning was epic. Alexandra (obviously), Kaitlyn, Rachel, Sarah (not my friend Sarah from school- Alexandra’s neighbor; she was not able to spend the night, though), and I were at the party, and it was fantastic. We played Candy Land and watched Stardust, a movie Kaitlyn brought. Quite frankly, I find it extremely hard to believe that I had not heard of it before then. Stardust is a bit like… well, I cannot really describe it to anything- I guess the closest would be The Princess Bride. Anyway, Stardust is now one of my favorite movies of all time. It is just so… I cannot think of any way to describe it, once again. My friends’ and my favorite character was Septimus, played by British actor Mark Strong. The character looked quite a bit like Alan Rickman does playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, and he was on a horse at one point. For this reason, Rachel and Kaitlyn had previously named him Snape on a Horse. And oh, Snape on a Horse, how wonderful you are.

At Alexandra’s house, there is a projector rather than a television screen. It is humongous, and Alexandra’s older sister Jessica hooked it up to her laptop. Then she played slide shows of various magna fanfiction, to which we made shadow puppets and promptly poked them as well as other things such as give them glasses and censoring any ‘inappropriate’ parts of the pictures.

The other epic part of the sleepover would have to be, without a doubt, pulling an all-nighter. Alexandra actually fell asleep around one in the morning, but Kaitlyn, Rachel, and I stayed up all night. We defined an all-nighter as staying up until the time you woke up the day before. In our case, it was around 5:45 am. Actually, Kaitlyn fell asleep around an hour before this time, but she made it up by waking up and staying up for an hour extra before crashing. In the end, we each actually had about five hours of sleep. Not bad for a sleepover.

In order to stay up for so long without becoming bored, we played over four straight hours of Truth or Truth, which is Truth or Dare edited in order to not have to get up and do something- Alexandra’s house is extremely creepy, especially at night, what with the many small doors to the attic, dark closets, and glass dolls. We also watched part of (I say part of because I fell asleep- this was after the all-nigher) some exploitation documentary (or whatever Alexandra’s father referred to it as) that was made back when marijuana started being used as a drug. It was crazy ridiculous- it kept calling it ‘the dread marijuana’ and ‘the scourge drug’ and stuff. It sounded so out-of-whack that it was actually pretty funny. We spoke of many, many things during that party.

Oh yeah, during the daytime/nighttime we also played Mario Party I and Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo 64. It was very fun.

So yes, that was it. It was absolutely amazing. Alexandra’s father brought me home in the end, because my parents were “going out to lunch” (to be explained in a bit) and were therefore not available to bring me home.

They say that bad things come in threes. Is this the same for good things? I sure hope so, because my life lately has been two big bundles of good luck. It seems that carrying seven lucky pennies around for a day really paid off.

First good thing- you all already know about this one: Archie! She is becoming even sweeter than before, regardless of the fact that I was nearly positive that was impossible.

Second good thing- (I could scarcely write this, knowing what cuteness lies in the room next door) WE GOT OUR PUPPY TODAY! I got home from my sleepover and found that my parents had left at 7:30 am, supposedly to go out to lunch. But, really who in the world goes out to lunch at 7:30 in the morning? A rather obvious cover-up, if you ask me.

They ended up being gone for quite a while. A few minutes before getting home, my mother called Clara’s cellphone and said she needed help carrying things inside and that we should all meet her outside. Right after hearing this, I knew what was going on. They had not gone out to lunch- they had gone to Pennsylvania to pick up our puppy!!!

He is absolutely adorable- he is really roly-poly and has these fantastic-looking eyes and this super soft fur and… my goodness, I am going to post a picture below. Oh yeah, and his name was voted upon (thank goodness the first name I wanted won- I do not think I would ever get over having a dog with a cliche first name)- it is Great Gatsby Moose, Gatsby for short.

Here he is sleeping with Archie on his head (for double the cuteness!):

And a better picture of just him:

My, oh my, he is cute.

The auction for the Dr. Martens I want ends tomorrow. The price was already extremely good, yet nobody bid on them and now the price has lowered! I am just hoping my mother stops procrastinating and comes over and types in her credit card number so I can buy the awesome boots- she keeps most of my money in a bank account and I do not have a credit card or anything to buy things online.

Gosh, I love having plans on Fridays- it makes the weekend last much longer.

I took a shower after the sleepover and decided to leave my bangs down after it, despite the fact that they are down to the tip of my nose now. I sort of swooped them off to the side so I can actually see without them hanging in my eyes, and it actually is not that annoying.

I feel so lucky right now, so tremendously lucky. I have said that a billion times, and I have said that I have said it a billion times, but I love life so much.

Alright, I simply cannot stand it- I am going to play with Gatsby. Farewell!

There are these boots I would like to buy.

March 25, 2008

They are nice and bright and I bet warm and cozy as well.  They look like this:


And are about twenty dollars, exactly the amount of money I earned last time I babysat Lydia, so perhaps I will purchase them.  I hope so, because I really, really like them.

For my birthday, I am going to ask for one of these surprise packages from Archie McPhee.


Just look how happy that person in the picture is!  She obviously loves surprises as well.

I am also asking for a pair of these delightful orange sunglasses:


Aren’t they fantastic?

I have oodles of other goodies on my birthday wishlist as well, all of which are reasonable prices so I won’t feel terrible about receiving them.

As you can see, I am quite excited about my birthday coming up, as well as my friend’s birthday, which is exactly a month before mine and will arrive this Saturday.  I love holidays, birthdays especially, and many have come and are to come the past and future months.  For a bit, it seemed that the world was in a boring rut that we are not fortunately out of.

All the while, as I spend my money on useless junk and plenty of t-shirts and stuff, I am also saving up for a laptop.  I would really, really love one, though as of yet I do not have even half the amount needed saved up.  Quite possibly not even a quarter.

Oh yeah, if any of you happen to be looking for an interesting website then I highly recommend, which is this really amazing site where photos are taken from the colorful streets of Helsinki and then put up.  There are many unique styles and lovely bursts of colors that I can not help but adore.

So far I am quite hung up on:






…though there are dozens of other fantastic outfits as well.

Anyways, toodles!  I hope all and all of you are having a memorable March and nice, happy day.

Bon voyage!