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After school today

May 22, 2009

Rachel and I went to Giant to buy some of the Star Trek collector’s edition cornflakes. I ended up deciding to buy them somewhere closer to my house (where they’re most likely cheaper) either today or tomorrow. We have plans to buy the matching Star Trek t-shirts featured on the box. We’re getting the blue ones, just like Spock wears!

Speaking of Star Trek, we have almost definite plans to have a Star Trek sleepover party from Sunday to Monday. We will, of course, be eating cornflakes there.

After I arrived home (compliments of Rachel’s mother) I finished reading The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, and then set the newly finished book down to take a nap. Mind you, I don’t take naps every day. In fact, I rarely ever do. I, however, was nice and cozy under blankets in a room with the air conditioner blasting, and those are the absolute best conditions for napping.

My mother then woke me up to tell me it was Family Game Night time. I was sure it would already be the next day, but lo and behold, only an hour had passed. We haven’t had a Family Game Night for ages because everybody always ends up getting really loud and argumentative, and plus we always play Apples to Apples, which just isn’t that much fun to play with family. At least, not my family… nobody gets half the jokes (oh, and my dad got the create-your-own-card where Gene Wilder was written in… it’s a shame he never used it). Eventually, the heat and constant jibber-jabber caused us all to dismantle.

Oh, this morning in Biology we had a substitute. Alexandra and I were extremely bored with the global warming movie that was playing, as was everybody else, and so pretty much everyone was just talking (over half the class was gone anyway, on a field trip). Alexandra and I played cards for almost an hour and then scribbed listlessly on a piece of notebook paper with my colored pencils (blue and brown, respecticely). The substitute came over to us and told us we were wasting the colored pencils. That was the only thing she said to anybody in the class, aside from taking attendance.

Well, I’m still pretty drowsy from the nap, and I think I’ll either go to sleep now or watch a movie or something. I don’t particularly feel like doing anything terribly productive.

Goodbye; hopefully your Memorial Day weekends will be superb!

BEDA Installment Twenty-Seven: In which the weather contributes to an overabundance of homework

April 27, 2009

It was hot yesterday and the day before. I’ve mentioned that, many times, in fact. What I have not mentioned, however, is that this heat has had an unfortunate consquence on my school workload. It was inevitable, I suppose. Of course the teachers would want to add to the horrifyingly bad weather with a storm of work. I have received more work today than the whole of the work I have received for over a week of the recent past days. Not only did I get a large amount of math problems (never fun), but my Biology teacher also gave us a humongous project involving creating a colossal brochure (twenty-six inches by thirty-two inches) featuring a tour of the human systems. Think The Magic School Bus, but with ten times the vocabulary and information, swarming at you like a speeding silver bullet. This is even what with the brochure being a group project, a group OF THREE project. I’ve been working on it all for ages and I’m still not an ounce of the pound done.

Still, regardless of the above, I am in a positively splendid mood. There are only two days until my birthday, just in case I haven’t stressed the date enough (I know I’ve done that overly so). My nerves are all atingle with the prospect of turning SIXTEEN. Four years and I’ll be twenty. That’s TWO DECADES OLD.

Tomorrow I’m going to the library with Courtney. She asked if I wanted to go BEFORE I EVEN ASKED HER about it, which I was meaning to since I won’t be going on Wednesday (because of MY BIRTHDAY!!! sorry… I’m still elated). I have books to return!

Speaking of books, I’m pretty far in with A Girl named Zippy. It’s moderately good, and lighthearted, always a plus.

Grr, I feel like the hot weather is spoiling my last BEDA posts, turning them into MUSH.

I AM practically done witht my second plastic bag bag.

And now, and now, and now, I bid you farewell. Sorry about being so boring. I’ll try really hard to remember to write some stuff down during Photography. That’s bound to be more interesting than what I’m writing in this stove-like state.

Question Twenty-seven: If you had a balloon right now, what color would you want it to be?

EDIT: One of my BEDA buddies, Katie ( proposed a challenge (with a prize!) for our “group” of BEDA buddies. This involves creating a fake band name, album cover, and whatever else and including it in either today’s or tomorrow’s post. I just made mine, and here it is!!!:

“Teeny Koala Philosophies” is an anagram of our names (Katie, Hope, Allyson, Sophie).

BEDA Installment Fifteen: I just felt my cheek, and it was tremendously soft.

April 15, 2009

No, seriously. I don’t know why, but my cheek is REALLY SOFT right now. It’s NEVER been this soft before.

Let’s start this fantastic evening off with a quote.

“The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I decided this morning that I would have a good day, and, by golly, I did! This is despite the fact that I now have a forty-nine percent in PreCalc, and also despite the fact that I didn’t have my traditional breakfast of Apples and Cinnamon oatmeal. Math can’t bring me down! Neither can the lack of instant oatmeal in my system!

What did I do to make this day so swell? Many things contributed to this, not all occurring because of me, and in list form they shall be, in chronological order, starting…NOW!

[1]We collected our cheek DNA in Biology. This involved swishing tap water around in our mouth (it tasted of lead) and doing various things with the contaminated tap water, including adding alcohol to it (special alcohol’s cheaper than ordinary drinking alcohol, so the government added stuff to it that causes horrible vomiting so that nobody tries to cheat them, according to my Biology teacher). Then we put the cheek DNA in a tiny vial and were instructed to give it to our parents. I did as told.

[2]Next was Photography, where I developed two rolls of film (…at the SAME TIME!) and they actually turned out rather decently. Midway through the class, all sophomores were called down for an assembly about class rings. The guy hosting it was such a phony I could hardly stand it, standing up there with this great big sparkly ring on his finger and a fancy schmancy lavendar tie ’round his neck.

[3]Then was PreCalc, where I took a test that I inevitably failed. I’m not doing so great in that class, but I keep telling myself what someone else once told me, not to worry about anything that won’t matter in ten years. Not the wisest advice, in the scheme of things, but still helpful in keeping me from becoming extremely stressed out.

[4]My last class was Guitar, which went by very quickly and uneventfully. After school was when the real fun began.

[5]Today was Wednesday, therefore Wednesday Club, and therefore another trip to the library. I didn’t realize that the two Gene Wilder movies that I personally checked out, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, were due Monday, not Wednesday, as I checked them out on a Monday because of Spring Break changes. Unfortunately, that means I now owe the library money in overdue fines. Not much, surely less than five dollars, but still, it’s moderately down-hearting because I was just about to renew them yesterday and then ended up not doing so, as I knew I was going to return them today.

[6]Either way, I checked out four new movies as well as six new books. The movies are all destined to be excellent: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dial M for Murder, The Confederate States of America, and Psycho. All are seemingly classics and will be pippersnipper editions to my week of spare time. The books I checked out (also which I am excited to read) are: White People, I’m a Stranger Here Myself, A Good Story and Other Stories, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, Running with Scissors, and A Girl Named Zippy.

[7]In my spare time today, in other news, I knitted, and I also read My French Whore (a book by the ever-lovely Gene Wilder) and the play Waiting for Godot (both complimentary of Rachel). I don’t want to say anything about them because I would end up talking about them for ages (and I’d like to go to bed semi-early tonight), but I will say that they are two of the greatest things since words which mean nonsense (and I have a pretty big obsession with those sorts of words).

For goodness’ sakes, can you believe BEDA is halfway over? It’s going by so quickly.

I can’t wait to have a BEDA buddy! I love the idea of having my own, personal buddy that NOBODY else has.

Well, I best be heading to bed. It’s almost ten o’ clock, and, darn, I was hoping to go to bed earlier than usual. Cheerio!

NEXT DAY EDIT: I never added a question! Here it is, belatedly: Question Fifteen: What would your favorite room be like in your dream home?

Era of Jubilee

January 24, 2009

(Doesn’t that sound dandy?)

My new classes today were grand.  First off was Biology with Celesthe, Diego, and Greg.  Boring, but fun.  Cliche, but okay.  It should be a good remainder of the year.

Second was Photography, which I was pleasantly surprised to have with Danya.

Third on the list was Pre Calc, which seems awful and hard, not to mention I have no friends in the class, but Lizzy’s offered to tutor me in it if I’ll do the same to her with AP Euro.  I didn’t do fabulously, barely mediocre, if that, but I have vowed to do my best.

I had lunch with gobs of people, which made me happy as can be, even though the table was crowded and Lizzy and I ended up sitting somewhere else.  It’s weird having such a crowded table– every other semester thus far, there have only been a few people sitting around me.  I guess the second shift is more popular than the first and fourth.

Fourth block was Guitar, which definitely seems like it’ll be fun.  I know nothing about music, despite having attempted to play four different instruments (in order: piano, flute, drums, trombone), so I’m hoping I’ll actually learn a thing or two in the class.

Well, I’m on top of the world and about to tip off, so I must be going.  A dizzy storm is ahead.

(Plus I’m nearing the end of my stocking cap and I’m quite anxious to finish.  Also, I recorded the majority of an episode of Sherlock Holmes [I know!  Can you believe there even is such a show!  Epicness abounds!] and I need to finish that.)

Oh, oh, oh, and guess what else?  What with our insane amount of television channels, we have English News, French News, and Russian News channels!  Can you even breathe with all of the awesomeness packed into that sentence?!?