longer than I thought

July 12, 2010

Turns out it’s been longer than I thought, the last time we saw my aunt and cousin. It’s been over seven years. There was a fight or something when my grandmother died and yada yada yada my father and his sisters were cut off from all connection for over seven years. Now I see my aunt, Stacy, and cousin, Ryan, and it’s like, “Whoa, I remember you guys, you didn’t disappear!” And it’s neat, seeing a bit of my father around the eyes of my aunt, and it’s neat hearing my aunt and my dad talking about when they were little, and it’s neat feeling so comfortable around them when we see family on my mother’s side a whole lot more often and it’s awkward and stiff nonetheless.

Tomorrow we’re all going to some pool in Frederick, and I don’t like pools all that much, but this is an exception.

And as a side note, I finished watching season one of Buffy today. It’s the bomb, and from what Daniel says, it will keep getting better. I can’t wait!


in a circle round and round

July 9, 2010

I, uh, started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer a little while ago… I just finished the first episode and it ended on a cliffhanger (I’m guessing a lot of episodes will?) so I better be going now to continue.

I’m pretty sure this will be a new obsession.

And speaking of which, I’m loving the 90’s slang in it. It’s great, really great.

muskrat, muskrat, candlelight

July 7, 2010

I’ve never liked muskrats, but hey, the song “Muskrat Love?” That song changes my mind. That song is a classsssic.

Wallie couldn’t come to Wednesday Club today, but Kaitlyn, Rachel, and I still had a really nice time. I checked out ten books and look forward to reading them, particularly the biographies of George Harrison and BILLY JOELLLLL!

Also, another book, called the Film Club, I believe, true story about a guy who let his son drop out of high school if he watched three movies with him each week. That sounds so interesting to me and I really want to know the reasons behind the decision, and how it turned out.

After watching Kaitlyn and Rachel play Pokemon games on Nintendo DS’s, I kind of wanted to play Pokemon again. So, I took out my trusty old Gameboy Color and a Pokemon Gold game which somebody gave us a couple of years ago along with a bunch of their other old games. And, it seems pretty good so far. I made my name Honey because I thought it would be funny for somebody to say, Hey, HONEY, want to battle? Seriously though, I played for only seven minutes and I was surprised to see all these new-fangled Pokemon that I’d never even heard of.

This is the one I started out with, and I had only vaguely heard of it. Chikorita is her name.

We got dinner at Giant like usual, and went to a really awesome ice cream place afterward. I got lemon cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone, and it was scrumptious.

they call me doctor worm

July 5, 2010

We had Chinese for dinner, at a restaurant, and this was my fortune. I hope it rings true!

I watched the final episode of Doctor Who for this season, and it was oh so very good.

And, I got an extraordinarily comfy sleeping gown or nightgown or whatever you want to call it, and it has pacman on it. Win-win.

I want to go thrifting so badly right now. It seems ages since I’ve been to a Goodwill.

Can’t wait for Wednesday Club! Rachel, Wallie, and I will all be there for the first time in decades! Or, a month or so, anyhow.

Happy fortune o’ lie!

July 5, 2010

I think I said this last year too, but that’s what we always call the fourth of July in my house. Because it’s easier for littles to say, I guess. It kind of stuck.

This evening we went to a fireworks/4th of July festival of some kind.

We had delicious custard

and got glow sticks

and pet goats (sorry the picture’s so dark, but I had the flash off because I didn’t want to annoy them)

and, best of all, saw fireworks.

Here’s a video of the grand finale if you’re interested:


And here’s a picture of the sunset on the way there:

It was beautiful.

Here’s a picture of the hay field we were parked in:

It looked super freaky at night.

And for the record, the radio station there played about twenty of my all time favorite songs, all in a row, and then I tweeted this fantastic occurrence.

And, literally seconds after sending the tweet, Party in the USA played.  IT WAS ALL A CONSPIRACY AND I, FOR ONE, BLAME BP.

Not really, but, uh, good night now.

it was fun, yes

July 3, 2010

but boy am I glad to be home!

ever been to Bloomingdale’s?

June 25, 2010

I’ve never been there. I don’t really even know what it is. A department store maybe?

Well well well, this time tomorrow I’ll be in my own room in Chincoteague, for a WEEEEEK. And it will be fun. I have a thick stack of books for when we aren’t at the beach and I’m bored of playing UNO and Sorry and everything else.

I was right that I could have gone to Wallie’s house and not harmed anything… my dad said I couldn’t because I’d have to help pack and all, and yet we were done with everything far before the time I aimed to go. So, booooo. But, there’s always next week, and the week after that, and…

I just can’t WAIT to go on vacation. We haven’t been for over two years. It’s so nice to live in a new and different house for a week, on an island, away from anybody you know aside from family.

It’s just so darn nice.

I don’t know whether we’ll have internet access, so maybe I won’t be able to post for a week. If not, then I might update with twitter via phone, so I have the little memories to look back at later on. Or maybe I’ll keep a journal in case I have any strange dreams like lately.

the dreams keep coming

June 25, 2010

First I am in a mall, like always. I happen to look in a mirror and discover that I have red hair, bright red hair. I’ve always wanted to be a ginger, to it’s exciting at first. I walk into various stores at the mall feeling more confident than ever.

But, for some reason, the owners of each store do not give me warm welcomes. Quite a few of them shoo me out, in fact. I have no idea why. Then I look in a mirror and I see my red hair is wonderfully curly. My dream come true!

I go into one shop and a woman shoos me into what looks like another entrance or exit to the shop. But, it leads to a horrible shamble of shacks. It is what I have always imagined the ghetto to look like.

A kind looking woman ushers me towards her, into her little shack. She shows me the wonderful clothes I have to choose from, because we cannot wear clothes from the outside world here. All of the clothes are beautiful! 60’s styled dresses with floral designs and white flowing shrugs and vibrant, saturated, colors of thick cable sweaters. I put on a cream colored dress with blue flowers covering it.

I begin looking around at the other interesting clothes, and then I see that the woman is whispering frantically to me with wide, crazy eyes. “Follow me,” she whispers. I follow.

We must run now. We are running from people in uniforms. We must jump and climb from rooftop to rooftop in order to get away from them. Other people run with us, mostly children. Then it dawns on me- every person running has a bright shock of red hair. We must run, like Jews from Nazis, because we are different from the others, because we are gingers.

I continue running, and blond children wearing drab colors begin chasing after us. They are the children of the men in uniform, the cousins of the men in uniform, the friends of the men in uniform. They are the Hitler Youth to this dream.

I climb onto the top of a particularly shaky roof. Then I look right in front of me, for a moment, and I see a friendly face who is obviously not a red head. He is holding a finger to his lips, warning us to be silent. It is David Tennant, the tenth Doctor. DOCTOR WHO has come to save us all! I feel instantly relieved.

Soon after, I wake up.

It was a terrifying and exhilarating dream and I woke up with cramps all over because Clara and Emma both slept in my twin sized bed with me. Why? Because they were afraid of a spider on the ceiling.

in a canoe down the mississippi

June 24, 2010

Today I worked.

There was an awful rude customer. While I was bagging her groceries, she said in a condescending tone, “Uh, are you going to get me my bag of ice?” She hadn’t even asked for a bag of ice!

And, my father decided that I can’t go to Wallie’s house for The Golden Girls marathon after all. A huge disappointment.

But, still, I’m in a super good mood. I did a random act of kindness by buying and sending someone on Ravelry a $3 pattern that they desperately wanted but didn’t have the money for.

And, making other people happy is the greatest feeling in the world.

the last dream I had

June 24, 2010

It’s centered around a mall. Actually, a lot lot lot of my dreams over the years have been in malls, which is weird because I really don’t like them.

The main part is where I go into a department store and there are mannequins all over the place. A girl tells me there is a mannequin that looks like every person in the mall, and she shows me the one that is like me. Except, the mannequins wear designer versions of the clothing one is wearing at the time. So, I’m wearing a green sweater and tan shorts, and the mannequin’s outfit is a more stylized and more expensive version of this. If I hold both hands of the mannequin, she will come to life, the girl tells me, and I want walk and talk and everything else as if I were her. To stop, I just let go of her hands. I try this, except the girl was mistaken and it just looks like I am holding both hands of a mannequin while walking around the mall, what I think must be a very strange sight.

A girl who goes to my school that I have never spoken to before comes back from a huge trip to an island, and she hugs me when she come home, like we are good friends or something. She tells me she can’t wait to tell me all about her trip. Then she gathers all of the other girls in the department store into a huge back room of it and calls us up to her one at a time, and gives us all fashion tips. Like, this one girl who is really tall, she tells her to wear high-heeled shoes that have an inverted heel, or something strange like that, to make her legs look really long.

I leave the room because I think it’s ridiculous, and somebody excitedly comes up to me and tells me I’ve won a key chain, and she’ll bring it to me when it arrives in a couple of hours. The key chain is a Baltimore Aquarium key chain.

Later, about thirty-five people, along with me, begin a football game on a huge field inside the mall somewhere, but the field has real grass and everything on it. I am on the red team, and Rachel is there and she’s on the blue team. Oddly enough, most of the people on each colored team happen to be wearing the color of their team. I am wearing my red puffy winter coat that Clara wears now, and Rachel is wearing a very odd blue jacket.

Despite the fact that I generally hate sports of any kind, playing football with all these guys and girls is the most fun I have ever had in my life. It’s just SOOO marvelous to be on a team, and I’m actually pretty good at football, in this dream, at least.

Later on, my mother comes to the mall and suddenly we are in a car driving, and she gives me an envelope that came in the mail for me. It turns out that I have won something else, a writing contest, and over $75 worth of prizes! It seems weird because I remember that I just entered the contest at the mall only a few minutes before.

Soon after, I wake up.