longer than I thought

Turns out it’s been longer than I thought, the last time we saw my aunt and cousin. It’s been over seven years. There was a fight or something when my grandmother died and yada yada yada my father and his sisters were cut off from all connection for over seven years. Now I see my aunt, Stacy, and cousin, Ryan, and it’s like, “Whoa, I remember you guys, you didn’t disappear!” And it’s neat, seeing a bit of my father around the eyes of my aunt, and it’s neat hearing my aunt and my dad talking about when they were little, and it’s neat feeling so comfortable around them when we see family on my mother’s side a whole lot more often and it’s awkward and stiff nonetheless.

Tomorrow we’re all going to some pool in Frederick, and I don’t like pools all that much, but this is an exception.

And as a side note, I finished watching season one of Buffy today. It’s the bomb, and from what Daniel says, it will keep getting better. I can’t wait!


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