muskrat, muskrat, candlelight

I’ve never liked muskrats, but hey, the song “Muskrat Love?” That song changes my mind. That song is a classsssic.

Wallie couldn’t come to Wednesday Club today, but Kaitlyn, Rachel, and I still had a really nice time. I checked out ten books and look forward to reading them, particularly the biographies of George Harrison and BILLY JOELLLLL!

Also, another book, called the Film Club, I believe, true story about a guy who let his son drop out of high school if he watched three movies with him each week. That sounds so interesting to me and I really want to know the reasons behind the decision, and how it turned out.

After watching Kaitlyn and Rachel play Pokemon games on Nintendo DS’s, I kind of wanted to play Pokemon again. So, I took out my trusty old Gameboy Color and a Pokemon Gold game which somebody gave us a couple of years ago along with a bunch of their other old games. And, it seems pretty good so far. I made my name Honey because I thought it would be funny for somebody to say, Hey, HONEY, want to battle? Seriously though, I played for only seven minutes and I was surprised to see all these new-fangled Pokemon that I’d never even heard of.

This is the one I started out with, and I had only vaguely heard of it. Chikorita is her name.

We got dinner at Giant like usual, and went to a really awesome ice cream place afterward. I got lemon cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone, and it was scrumptious.


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