Happy fortune o’ lie!

I think I said this last year too, but that’s what we always call the fourth of July in my house. Because it’s easier for littles to say, I guess. It kind of stuck.

This evening we went to a fireworks/4th of July festival of some kind.

We had delicious custard

and got glow sticks

and pet goats (sorry the picture’s so dark, but I had the flash off because I didn’t want to annoy them)

and, best of all, saw fireworks.

Here’s a video of the grand finale if you’re interested:


And here’s a picture of the sunset on the way there:

It was beautiful.

Here’s a picture of the hay field we were parked in:

It looked super freaky at night.

And for the record, the radio station there played about twenty of my all time favorite songs, all in a row, and then I tweeted this fantastic occurrence.

And, literally seconds after sending the tweet, Party in the USA played.  IT WAS ALL A CONSPIRACY AND I, FOR ONE, BLAME BP.

Not really, but, uh, good night now.

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