the dreams keep coming

First I am in a mall, like always. I happen to look in a mirror and discover that I have red hair, bright red hair. I’ve always wanted to be a ginger, to it’s exciting at first. I walk into various stores at the mall feeling more confident than ever.

But, for some reason, the owners of each store do not give me warm welcomes. Quite a few of them shoo me out, in fact. I have no idea why. Then I look in a mirror and I see my red hair is wonderfully curly. My dream come true!

I go into one shop and a woman shoos me into what looks like another entrance or exit to the shop. But, it leads to a horrible shamble of shacks. It is what I have always imagined the ghetto to look like.

A kind looking woman ushers me towards her, into her little shack. She shows me the wonderful clothes I have to choose from, because we cannot wear clothes from the outside world here. All of the clothes are beautiful! 60’s styled dresses with floral designs and white flowing shrugs and vibrant, saturated, colors of thick cable sweaters. I put on a cream colored dress with blue flowers covering it.

I begin looking around at the other interesting clothes, and then I see that the woman is whispering frantically to me with wide, crazy eyes. “Follow me,” she whispers. I follow.

We must run now. We are running from people in uniforms. We must jump and climb from rooftop to rooftop in order to get away from them. Other people run with us, mostly children. Then it dawns on me- every person running has a bright shock of red hair. We must run, like Jews from Nazis, because we are different from the others, because we are gingers.

I continue running, and blond children wearing drab colors begin chasing after us. They are the children of the men in uniform, the cousins of the men in uniform, the friends of the men in uniform. They are the Hitler Youth to this dream.

I climb onto the top of a particularly shaky roof. Then I look right in front of me, for a moment, and I see a friendly face who is obviously not a red head. He is holding a finger to his lips, warning us to be silent. It is David Tennant, the tenth Doctor. DOCTOR WHO has come to save us all! I feel instantly relieved.

Soon after, I wake up.

It was a terrifying and exhilarating dream and I woke up with cramps all over because Clara and Emma both slept in my twin sized bed with me. Why? Because they were afraid of a spider on the ceiling.


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