the last dream I had

It’s centered around a mall. Actually, a lot lot lot of my dreams over the years have been in malls, which is weird because I really don’t like them.

The main part is where I go into a department store and there are mannequins all over the place. A girl tells me there is a mannequin that looks like every person in the mall, and she shows me the one that is like me. Except, the mannequins wear designer versions of the clothing one is wearing at the time. So, I’m wearing a green sweater and tan shorts, and the mannequin’s outfit is a more stylized and more expensive version of this. If I hold both hands of the mannequin, she will come to life, the girl tells me, and I want walk and talk and everything else as if I were her. To stop, I just let go of her hands. I try this, except the girl was mistaken and it just looks like I am holding both hands of a mannequin while walking around the mall, what I think must be a very strange sight.

A girl who goes to my school that I have never spoken to before comes back from a huge trip to an island, and she hugs me when she come home, like we are good friends or something. She tells me she can’t wait to tell me all about her trip. Then she gathers all of the other girls in the department store into a huge back room of it and calls us up to her one at a time, and gives us all fashion tips. Like, this one girl who is really tall, she tells her to wear high-heeled shoes that have an inverted heel, or something strange like that, to make her legs look really long.

I leave the room because I think it’s ridiculous, and somebody excitedly comes up to me and tells me I’ve won a key chain, and she’ll bring it to me when it arrives in a couple of hours. The key chain is a Baltimore Aquarium key chain.

Later, about thirty-five people, along with me, begin a football game on a huge field inside the mall somewhere, but the field has real grass and everything on it. I am on the red team, and Rachel is there and she’s on the blue team. Oddly enough, most of the people on each colored team happen to be wearing the color of their team. I am wearing my red puffy winter coat that Clara wears now, and Rachel is wearing a very odd blue jacket.

Despite the fact that I generally hate sports of any kind, playing football with all these guys and girls is the most fun I have ever had in my life. It’s just SOOO marvelous to be on a team, and I’m actually pretty good at football, in this dream, at least.

Later on, my mother comes to the mall and suddenly we are in a car driving, and she gives me an envelope that came in the mail for me. It turns out that I have won something else, a writing contest, and over $75 worth of prizes! It seems weird because I remember that I just entered the contest at the mall only a few minutes before.

Soon after, I wake up.


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