if you could change your name

Today I woke up at 10 am, showered and began knitting a baby blanket rabbit toy something or other, showered, ate a few chicken salad crackers, then went to Wednesday Club.

Wallie and I were there, and we checked out books and then read Rue McClanahan’s auto-biography aloud. It is so funny and just like how her character Blanche is on The Golden Girls.

And, during Wednesday Club we ran into Manny at Giant and Jake and a girl named Rachel at the library. With Jake and Rachel I talked about grandmothers and it was hilarious.

And, Wallie and I ate at Subway and got cookies and left at 6:30 and that was my day, though when I got home I watched “Away We Go” and it wasn’t half bad.

P.S. I am looking for movie suggestions. To anybody who is reading this: what are your favorite movies of all time? Or, just all-over good movies that everybody should see?

P.P.S It seems I only have unusual dreams when I wake up early and then go back to sleep. Nothing today, and I got up as soon as I awoke.


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