another dream I just had

The whole thing centers around a horrible house I am living in. At first, we, meaning me and a family who I do not know in real life, move into a new house. It is right after the death of my brother George, but he stayed in his room all the time or something because I do not know him in the least. The house seems wonderful to begin with. There are secret passageways and slides going down into lower floors and a lot of neat old things that the previous owners left behind.

There is also a very thin, completely straight rusty red ladder that leads from an upstairs secret room down into what appears to be a closet downstairs. First the house seems really awesome, but it slowly turns out to be a horrible, horrible place to live. This is because our deceased family member, George, haunts it. It turns out he is not as good as we all thought. He makes our life in the house a living hell.

For instance, at one point in the house there is a landing with three ways to go, like in a cave. One is a long red slide, one is just a dark hole, and the other is a blue tube slide with stars on it. Strangely, the dark hole is the safest. The blue tube slide leads into a room with a huge table in it. There are also rows of aquariums to the left of the room, like in a pet store, and the aquariums are full of large sea animals, dolphins and sea turtles and seals and big fish, all dead. The table has hundreds and hundreds of glasses on it, all shapes and sizes, and when somebody goes into the room the glasses all shatter, and a projector screen in the back of the room shows a face that looks green, and it is grinning terribly.

One of the older family members in this dream hosts a party with a contest every so often in this house. She invites everybody we have ever mentioned to the party without telling us, and she gets all dressed up every time it happens. The contest is that, starting inside the front door, you must make your way through the house as quick as possible and meet back at the front door where you began. It sounds easy, but there are many many twists and turns in the house. The family member host acts as if there is a huge prize upon completing the ‘maze,’ but in reality the prize is that you survive, relatively unharmed. Most participators die during this contest.

So many die because the house is so dangerous, and also because George does not like the company of strangers even more so than the company of family members. So, he comes out from his hidey-hole and he haunts the place, breaking off slides you are going down and shaking any ladders you may climb and trapping you in small encloses rooms so that you suffocate. During these “parties,” as soon as the guests arrive, nobody in the family is physically able to talk, for some reason. Thus, we are unable to warn the guests in any way.

At some point in the dream, either before or after the house, I am on a field trip with some class or other (actually, I think my English class, just like yesterday, except there are completely different people in the class. We visit a very small old house, full of books and clothes in the back and many shoes. After everybody begins to leave, the teacher tells us that we can take anything we want, because the house will be burned down in a couple of hours. I collect a variety of things, including a green skirt with toadstools at the bottom, all in a neat little row.

I also go into the back, where there are many more books, CDs, records, and magazines, and there are the rarest of things. I seem to think that yellow magazines with glossy covers are particularly rare, but I don’t get any of them.

And that was all.

On a side note, I used to be terrified of toadstools, after somebody told me they were animals that were unable to move. I imagined them as rock creatures, trapped and like vegetables in the sense that they are alive but can not do anything but sit there.


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