a dream I just had

I am at school and nobody knows what day of the week it is. I am in an English class for at least four hours and we’re reading a book and answering simple questions about it, only everybody else understands them and finishes early and I’m still stuck on the second or third question.

Eventually the class is over and I run out and school is over, but it’s a very long walk out of the school. Everybody is in a cluster all over the hall and I cannot get through. I tell Michael, who is there, and he says, “I’ll help with that!” and he runs and runs through the crowd and they part like the Red Sea only they slowly move back together as he passes them so I have to hurry to get through. He leads me the wrong way, though, to a kind of teacher’s lounge, and then runs out faster than I can say anything to him.

This one woman who is a special education teacher stops me, and is really excited, and asks if I’ve finished writing the dictionary I started. I assume she means when I had a collection of interesting words, so I tell her no, that I stopped after about two weeks and haven’t continued since. Then she calls me by a different name, and I realize she thinks I’m Abbey, a girl who Wallie is friends with, from his piano class last year. I run outside, finally, and most everybody is sitting down on the grounds in front of the school, which are much much larger than they actually are. At the beginning of the grounds on the left is a group of people I recognize instantly as everyone from Dungeons and Dragons, and a few extra, and I think that they must be playing D&D, without telling me or anything. “Is it Tuesday?” I ask, and Brian tells me that it is, except they’re not playing D&D, and he gestures towards the television screen, outside right there, and it says WORLD OF WARCRAFT on it. I am still kind of paranoid, but I start walking towards my bus anyway.

And, I go over to Abbey and tell her about what the teacher said, and she laughs and she won’t stop laughing and it’s eerie because she has a look of surprise on her face like she can’t control her laughing.

Then I walk to the tree, where my friends and I always meet after school before going home, and nobody is there, and I can’t find anybody I know. Except, then Eleanor walks by, and she’s wearing an orange cape sort of outfit, very sparkly and sequined. She covers her face with one end of the scarf part when she sees me. I ask a random person what day of the week it is, and he says Friday, and I ask five or six different people after that and they all say it’s Friday. But, I KNOW it’s Tuesday. I think they must all be crazy, or playing a trick on me.

Next one of the administrators holds a baby car seat up in the air, that one of the kids in the Parenting class lost for their electronic baby, and a very very very short girls run up and takes it. She is literally less than two feet tall.

Now I run to my bus, and there is a new bus driver and he has a huge white beard and an American flag bandanna on, and he has a beer tap kind of thing up front, except it actually has milkshakes on tap. He gives me a cherry garcia milkshake and I drink it in only a minute or two. Everybody on the bus is SHOCKED that I drink it so fast, even though the cup is tiny.

We keep riding on the bus, on and on for the rest of the dream, and right before I wake up I realize that it is summer, and that’s nobody knew the correct day of the week, and that’s why all the other strange stuff happened. They must have all been playing a practical joke on me, I think.

And I wake up.

Oh, and at some point my good friend from elementary school comes over to me and she’s really upset and she goes on and on about a great boyfriend she has and then she tells me she’s pregnant, for the second time, as she already has a one-year-old, apparently.

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