Father’s Day Post

Today was Father’s Day, and I gave my daddy the hat I made him. He loved it. And, at 10 am (I know- really now?) I went to work, and I came home at 3 pm, and the whole time it was horribly busy and I thought I would die. Because, I’m starting to get the cold that a lot of people have in my family right now, except it’s different on me. It makes me feel like my ears are clogged up with water, only they aren’t.

When I got home from work, I was ridiculously tired. But, because I’m a dumbo, I didn’t take a nap or anything, oh no. Instead I went on the computer, and so now I’m still tired, but in a little bit I will be watching “Haunting in Connecticut” with Emma and Clara, and we’re brushing our teeth and washing our faces and bringing water in because there’s no way on this green earth that we will be able to leave the room past the witching hour after watching such a terrifying movie. Even the commercials freaked me out. They still do.

So, bye.

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