Most of my younger siblings

aka Benny and Abie and Lydia are at that stage where they laugh at pretty much anything,
which means that during family game night I made so many jokes, so many many many jokes,
and they laughed at every one.

I love making people laugh, so this worked out perfectly.

We played Harry Potter UNO, and eventually things got out of hand and everybody had about twenty cards (except Emma, who won a good half hour or so before), so we all quit. The whole thing was good for a lot of laughs, though.

And then Benny and Lydia and Abie took out the trash and recycling with me, and it was real fun, and the same thing with doing the laundry except sans Abie and plus Zinnia. Speaking of which, Zinnia is adorable and yells my name in the morning and so I wake up.

Oh, and I thought my father made up a ton of words I’ve grown up hearing, but it turns out they’re real, and they’re all Yiddish, and it’s crazy to learn that so late in the game.

Before the whole game night, Wallie and I had Wednesday Club, and it was oh so fun. We watched The Golden Girls, actually, and talked a lot and took jumping pictures and ate dinner at Subway and I couldn’t get up on the wall at the library despite my greatest efforts.

And, we made plans for a Golden Girls party! Complete with cheesecake! And, every time I mention cheesecake Clara says, “Cheesecake is like a mound of tongue,” which it SO isn’t! I love cheesecake!

And, speaking of Clara, today there was this whole fiasco about her thinking I stole her tank top, which I didn’t, and the whole argument my pops was sitting listening and saying things like, “Oh, this is getting good!” and “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” and it all made us seem ridiculous.

Andddd, before Wednesday Club I had a doctor’s appointment and ACTUALLY it wasn’t that bad, not at all! And, I got a sticker of a police car. So, it’s even and then some!

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