Without you, today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s.

Today I was home nearly alone and wanted to go for a walk, but there’s nowhere to walk to and I had to keep an eye on Abie and Benny. So, I went on the treadmill for an hour or so whilst watching The Golden Girls.

It wasn’t the same.

I am on the second sleeve of the cardigan now. I will certainly need more yarn.

I have always wished I could knit a sweater in a week and tomorrow shall be the seventh day I have worked on the cardigan. Providing I am able to get more yarn, my dream may just come true!

I’m already bored with summer and wishing that school would start up already. If I do things with friends it would be different, but nobody’s planned anything as of yet so I’ve just been staying home, bored out of my skull, becoming more and more annoyed with my family members.

It’s late now, so I guess I’ll go to sleep. Hopefully I’ll go somewhere or do something tomorrow or I fear my brain will turn to mush!


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