Lost and insecure

You found me, you FOUND ME.

–>Woke up round 615 am for the SAT, went through a boring day and finished the test round 1 pm
–>The girl who sat next to me had just recently moved from Belgium, where she lived for four years. In Belgium, they have to write in cursive all the time, and if they print their letters then then receive an F. In Belgium, they take the PSAT starting in 7th grade and the SAT starting in 9th. She was a freshman, and a genius one at that. She finished each section in less than half the allotted time. Before Belgium, she lived in GERMANY for six years, and before that she lived in POLAND for four years. I wish I were half as worldly as her!
–>When I got home from the SAT, I watched The Golden Girls and then at 4ish I laid down with Zinnia and fell asleep. Then I moved to my own bed and slept for a little over an hour.
–>My father woke me up and said I had to babysit the littles. Zinnia’s sleeping, though… I hope she stays asleep the whole time my parents are gone.
–>Now I’m watching the final episode of The Golden Girls on the first disc of season two, and then I’m watching the newest episode of Doctor Whooooo! Hooray!


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