Of everybody in the world…

Rue McClanahan is dead. Blanche Devereaux lives no longer. Only a day or two ago, I was talking to my father about which Golden Girls are still alive. I talked about how upset I would be when one of the remaining died… never in a million years did I think it would be so soon. Rest in peace, Rue McClanahan.

I was going to say, in this post, how I watched an episode of The Golden Girls before work and it was so hilarious I literally laughed out loud for a minute straight. It was one with Burt Reynolds.

At work today, Wayne was the only manager left, and he said, “Kevin left! This is MY STORE now!” He was so happy about it, and it was so funny.

And, these two guys walked over to Shane and shook his hand. Shane said to one of the guys, “That was a bad handshake,” and the guy said, “Hey, that’s racist!” Only, it wasn’t, because all three of them are white.

The end. Tomorrow is Friday. The week was quick but slow. Five more days of school, and we’re home free.

I need a big, time-consuming project for this summer.

And, the junior interviews were ridiculous. I waited in a line for 35 minutes and then it turns out they ran out of people to interview so they had teachers interview some people. A teacher interviewed me. She didn’t know what she was doing. The interview was pointless.


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