You can dance, you can dance, you can dance if you want to

Today was just… a superb day (and evening).

The first half of the day I watched Doctor Who and knit more of the pair of shorts.

The second half, starting at 3:30 pm, Wallie and I ate lunch at the McDonald’s Rachel works at. It was hilarious. I dunno why.

Once Rachel got off at 4 pm, we went to Goodwill downtown and then we walked all around. At Goodwill we each found amazing things. I bought so much clothing that my carrying around my bag felt like being Santa Claus. I changed into one of the outfits, a striped shirt with a pocket and an aqua pair of shorts, at the coffee place afterward because I loved it so much. When I got home my mother asked why I was dressed like a boy. Buttttt, enough about that…

I got an outfit for the junior interviews Thursday- grey slacks, a navy and white striped shirt, and an orange sweater vest. A lovely pairing, I would say. Wallie helped me find the things.

Andddd, I got the most PERFECT shirt for being Dorothy from The Golden Girls. It’s orange and baggy and swooshy and just PERFECT, exactly like something she would wear.

And, I was so clumsy and forgetful today, all day today. First I thought I lost my phone, and Rachel’s mother went back to McDonald’s to look for it, and then it turns out it had fallen out in my mother’s car. Then I lost my purse in Goodwill, but thankfully a woman found it and returned it to the front. Thennnn, I forgot clothing I was going to buy in the dressing room, so I had to wait for ages for a woman to get out of the dressing room so I could get the clothes.

We saw my older brother at the coffee place, and after going there we walked all around but everything good was closed. Then we went to this one wonderful maze, the labyrinth, the very same one Daniel and I went to years ago. It is so peaceful there… but, then, some hoodlums showed up and we ran as fast as we could and we ended up going to Ben and Jerry’s. Rachel got a macadamia nut chocolate sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles (though she meant to ask for rainbow sprinkles), Wallie got a chocolate chip cookie dough waffle cone, and I got a cherry garcia waffle cone. The ice cream was great but it took SO LONG to eat.

After finishing our ice cream, we talked a bit and then Wallie’s dad picked us up and brought us all home. Then, my mother lectured me for not checking in and whatnot, and for walking around Frederick without telling her even though we do that EVERY TIME, so I figured it was assumed. Apparently not. So, Wallie, you were right about that my mother was going to lecture me. I really didn’t think she would.

And, when I showed her the clothing I bought she once again insulted it all and said it looked boy-ish, or like something old women would wear. Let me ask you, why do parents want you to be your own person and all of that, and not follow trends, but then when you do something out of the box they get upset? Hypocritical, that is… when I have children, they will wear whatever they want to and I will not INSULT their choices, or ask them why they do things that make them stand out. The whole thing just makes me angry…

Now, I want to watch the new Weeping Angels episode of Doctor Who, but I know I’ll be terrified in the middle of it and run out of the room to my parent’s bed and not be able to sleep… but, I REALLY REALLY want to watch it… hmm…


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