Andddd they’re a rockin’ and a rollin’ and a…

I knitted a sock today. Really, the end of the first sock and a bit over halfway of the second.

-school was quick and painless,
-I ACED my Latin test
-I fell even more in love with my haircut
-I watched more of The Golden Girls
-I ate so much delicious Chinese food that I felt sick
-We had a fire drill
-My father drove Clara and me to school
-This Friday felt like a Monday
-A Goodwill trip on Sunday was suggested more so… Wallie, of COURSE, kept saying it won’t work out in the end, but let me tell you, it WILLLLL. At least, I hope so…

I’ll be done with season one of The Golden Girls soon. Hopefully before the end of the weekend, and then I shall watch Doctor Who and hopefully finish the fourth season so I can move on to the fifth, fancy schmancy new doctor season, which Rachel says is really good.


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