In ten years,

I have not had a haircut. Until NOW. And, it’s so nice to have short hair! It’s a little above shoulder length, and it’s so floopy! My head feels so light! I can wear my hair down without it getting in the way! I can put my hair in a precious tiny ponytail!

Other than the haircut today, I watched four or five episodes of The Golden Girls, and slept in (just lovely! actually it was only 9 am, but compared to 6 am it’s sleeping in.), and I worked from 4-8 pm. And, work wasn’t awful! Not one bit! The dairy cases broke, though, so we had to take tons and tons of carts and fill them up with cheese and butter and milk and eggs and bring them back to the warehouse to be sent off so they’d stay cold. Actually, I didn’t have to do it… only the guys did, because I’m a STAR BAGGER so they told me to continue bagging. At least, I’m hoping that’s why.

Like, ten people at work complimented me on my haircut. And, I SWEAR, they were all friendlier to me now that I have shorter hair. Not even kidding!

And, tomorrow’s FRIDAYYYY (already!) and then a three day weekend! It will be fueled by The Golden Girls and Doctor Who and hopefully (really hopefully!) a trip to Goodwill with Wallie and Rachel. I really hope that works out!

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