Almost exactly nine o’ clock

Just woke up from a dream in which:
-I was pretty short- the world seemed so much bigger!
-I looked different- I was short, for one thing, and I was blond, but my hair was REALLY blond, and long and wavy… very strange
-I was LIVING IN a Sims 2 game for a little while
-I went to a store at the mall called Flea Market, a little store which sold the most beautiful things, and clothing was pretty cheap too… there was this nice shiny tan dress (sounds weird, but it was BEAUTIFUL!) with a peter pan collar that cost $12.40. For some reason it said JC Penney on the front of it, but I still was going to try it on
-While I was in the HUGE dressing room, the store owner came in with more and more dresses for me to try on
-She kept giving me more and more dresses to try on, and when she gave them to me they would automatically be on me already
-She said I could watch movies on the television in the room
-My body split into two identical people and one of them said she would like to stay in the room all day and watch tons of movies
-The other person, the one that I was controlling, was creeped out by the woman and wanted to leave right then and there
-My two personalities went back into one then
-The store owner had a row of little unopened containers of crackers. She said they were more than twenty years old, and she had been saving them for a special occasion.
-She offered to open one and let me have some- the “bad” part of my personality agreed, and she opened up a container
-The crackers were shaped like the heads of characters from Sesame Street, VERY detailed. It was creepy how detailed they were.
-I grabbed a small handful and ate a few, and they were awful- the crackers were so old, and they had somehow grown so that they were puffed up, and they tasted like sand, or soft clay, or something…
-I then RAN out of the store and out of the mall
…and then I woke up.

It was very bizarre, and I’m so glad I decided to write it down here because otherwise I would surely soon forget it all.

I have had an awful lot of dreams over the past year of me running extremely fast in malls. I wonder what that means…


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