You’re a pal and a confidante!

Rachel was sick today, unfortunately. But, Wednesday Club went on as per usual.

Wallie and I played a game with blue plastic cups where my watch is put under one of them by someone and then, after mixing them up, the other person has to guess which cup the watch is under. Prior to doing so, the person who will choose the cup decides on something the other person will have to do if they win. The game is simple but it’s so difficult to explain here! I won on the first try, and as a result Wallie cannot shave for a week. Ohohoho! This means he may grow a beard!

Wallie chose from all ten cups and chose the correct one on his very LAST TRY (crazy, right?!?) but his idea of a “punishment” sounded like so much fun that I’m still going to do it. It is: I have to dress up in an outfit like something Dorothy from “The Golden Girls” would wear (that will be compliments of Goodwill), and wear it for a day whilst speaking like Dorothy. Great idea, right? Wallie’s first idea was that I have to make my status on facebook “Wallie is the best!” Boooooring.

After Wednesday Club, we picked up Benny from a friend’s house. The kid next door, who was only ten or eleven, was MOWING THE LAWN, for goodness sakes, and he ran into the steel fence and bent it terribly so! And, yet, his parents still allowed him to continue mowing the lawn afterward! Parents are crazy sometimes…

This evening I’ve been watching “The Golden Girls” and lying down. I’m feeling feverish, but I can’t find a thermometer so who knows if I have a fever. I hope I feel better tomorrow, though, because there is no school and I have both a haircut(!!!) and work!

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