You don’t say!

I finished the pair of sari silk socks today. They’re terribly scratchy, but my mother said that once they’re washed they’ll soften a lot. So, I washed them. They’re drying now.

Dungeons and Dragons was great fun, though Rachel left early since she wasn’t feeling well. I delivered the final hit to a group of dredges led by an evil and very powerful sorcerer, so I felt pretty accomplished. And, we all leveled up from the encounter. Now I’m level three.

After D&D I finished watching season 1, disc 2 of Golden Girls, after many days. The episodes are all hilarious! I find myself loving the show more and more with every bit more that I see.

Now, I’m watching some Doctor Who and I just finished rolling yarn into a ball. I think I’ll make another pair of socks, ones that are more practical and softer, hopefully…


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