I am so ready to get a haircut now, that I feel like cutting my hair off myself… except, my mother would not be pleased, so I won’t… also, I have work tomorrow, and if I botch it up real bad then I will be out of luck.

When Jake came home with the car, it was 4:56. The hair cutter closes at 5.

So… I watched Golden Girls today. And I knit a tiny bit, and then un-knitted it, and then knit it back again.

And, I also typed up my sonnet for English.

And, this evening I went to Super Fresh and bought ice cream and was tricked out of $2.50. It’s okay, though… I was really upset about it at first, but really, what’s $2.50 in the scheme of things? Not much.

So long, I have ice cream to eat and a little sister playing with noodles to tend to.

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